Gran Turismo vs Forza Motorsport [Infograph]

GB: "There has been a lot of fan fare surrounding the recent release of Gran Turismo 5, and it has been one long year since the release of the last Forza game. There is no doubt that it is one of most fierce rivalries in simulation racing, so let's take a look at the head 2 head comparison of the franchises through this infograph, pitting recent iterations of the series against one another."

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halocursed2923d ago

GT5 could have done better, but I'd say it is still a great game and has been the king of the racing simulation genre for quite some time!

ShinMaster2923d ago

GT5 wins in Unique Features.

redwolf2923d ago

that unique feature list in GT5 should be much longer

ShinMaster2923d ago

Agreed. Some stuff was obviously taken out to keep things even.

No FanS Land2923d ago

Gt was advantaged in this feature. honestly, the best Forza 3 unique features isn't on the list. Engine swaps. Putting An S2K engine in a Civic, count me in.

jriquelme_paraguay2923d ago

GT5: 75% SIM, 15% "game"
FM3: 40%SIM 60% Game


75+15 = 90...Either you forget to talk about the missing 10% being something else, you made a typo what you meant was 25% or you made the weakest attempt to troll for this week so far.

So, what it is buddy?

jriquelme_paraguay2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

im talking in % so, is obviously a typo
and im not Troll... you cant call me a troll

Lightsaber2923d ago

Wonder if Forza 4 will come out in 2011. They seem to be bring it out about every other year. If it does come out how will it stack up against gt5

Seniorscrapper2923d ago

If we keep the quantity of cars and tracks on the side, I'd say Forza was at par with GT 5 in terms of racing and authenticity!

gameseveryday2923d ago

I Think people should realize Gt5 is the ultimate simulator while Forza 3 is also a great game in its own right. Dont compare two great games.

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The story is too old to be commented.