Jaffe: Kratos shouldn't rape Mortal Kombat victims

Eurogamer: Hours after his outburst, Jaffe clarified for the internet that no, he does not advocate rape and that yes, he was having a laugh

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NYC_Gamer2960d ago

Kratos would kick everyones ass in the MK universe

RememberThe3572960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

I agree. But with all that he has done in the games, I'm not sure there is anyone who could hang with Kratos.

@lol I meant that they could keep up with him in a fight. Sorry my vernacular tends to slip into my comments sometimes.

UltimateIdiot9112960d ago

Batman probably. Not Superman, I have a feeling, Kratos won't be too fond of Superman.

zeeshan2960d ago

Bleszinksi is dieing to see an M$ exclusive characters in MK :d Envy much? :D

suparmonkees2960d ago

I think any developer would like to see their character in another game, so I wouldn't really call it envying.

evrfighter2960d ago

Kratos would cry like a little girl when he found out there are no QTE easy buttons in MK.

After he got his a$$ handed to him by some mortals.

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Foxgod2960d ago

Well, Kratos killed gods, so he can kill gods, but does that mean he can kill every god?

Sooner or later Kratos will face a god that will best him.
It could be Raiden.

outwar60102960d ago

ohh yes because he hasn't beaten a god with lightning powers before.......oh wait

gameraxis2960d ago

i'm stoked about kratos being in the upcomming mk game, but if its true its being run by the unreal engine, i'm worried about the character model not looking NEARY as good as the one in GOW3, furthermore, yea Epic wants a character for the 360 version but the 360 doesn't have an icon like kratos that fits well in the series.

SixZeroFour2960d ago

you cant kill someone/something thats all ready dead...scorpion is the man

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xino2960d ago

but japanese would approve the rape for kratos

-Ninja Gaiden 3- is sick!:)

scar202960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

"I was suggesting, as a reward, Kratos gets a threesome with two of the hottest chix [sic] in gaming. Seems like a fun win-reward to me.

His fatality should be doing sonya and Kitana lol.

PeeWizzle2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

Kratos can't do shit against Scorpion.

Scorpion would've killed those greek pansies so much quicker.

firelogic2960d ago

Yes, why would a man that destroyed the entire greek pantheon be able to beat scorpion? that's just ridiculous.

DragonKnight2960d ago

It'd be funny if Kratos used the Blades of Chaos against Scorpion and said "C'mere".

Silly gameAr2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

You weak pathetic fool! There is only one way it will be decided!


Just j/k by the way.

Foxgod2960d ago

Scorpion is a real immortal, unlike these so called gods from GOW.

Hudahudahuda2960d ago

Helios is immortal aswell. Doesn't seem to be helping him.

Foxgod2960d ago

Helios is not an immortal, all these guys in the GOW franchise are self proclaimed immortals.

An immortal cannot die, period, so the gods in GOW are not immortal.

Scorpion on the other hand, is not a being of flesh, hes a spirit that inhabits dead and living bodies, you cant kill scorpion by destroying his body...

Hudahudahuda2960d ago

You have a mistaken definition of what immortal is. It can be in different ways. Some may not die from old age but can still be killed physically ways. Greek gods were ageless but could be killed by other gods or powerful weapons.Helios had his head torn off and was still alive and screaming so he is immortal.

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