Videogames Million Seller Watch: Xbox 360

We already analyzed the Wii's MIllion Sellers, and the PS3 Million Sellers, now is the turn for the first console launched in current generation, Microsoft's machine: the Xbox 360. Checking Vgchartz data we found out that the Xbox 360 has a total of 109 titles that sold over a million units worldwide. Check out the chart below, broken down by publisher:

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BeardedGamerShow2922d ago

Curious findings. More million sellers than the Wii, though none come close to the numbers that Wii Sports or the like have put up, so less games sold overall.

Active Reload2922d ago

Well, Wii sports comes with the console, sooooo....

naznatips2922d ago

Pretty impressive attach ratio for the 360. It has an amazing number of million sellers for the amount of systems sold.

bmw692922d ago

Halo and CoD dominate as expected

franco2922d ago

EA dominates the Xbox charts, did not know that.

Emilesox2922d ago

I know its all about taste, but I cant believe the crap that sold better than the "Orange Box"


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