Storm and Viper join the MvC3 line-up trailers and gameplay

Two new challengers approach! It's ladies night for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 as Gamespot has just announced two new characters, Storm and Crimson Viper. An addition from the X-Men is always a good way to go, and Street Fighter 4 is likewise welcome.

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princejb1342923d ago

so how many characters is that now?

princejb1342923d ago

how i got a disagree
when im asking how many characters are there now

gypsygib2923d ago

Viper's boobs look bigger

mcmmaster2923d ago

LOL i noticed that as well, in SSF4 they seemed flat, but in this their shooting out

BigManFanelli2923d ago

Hog heaven right now man, two stellar picks. Cannot friggin' wait for this game!

italianbreadman2923d ago

I kinda like C Viper - the model (love a fake redhead) - but have found her rough to play in SFIV.

Storm just looks badass.

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The story is too old to be commented.