Guerrilla Games Testing Killzone 2 Online

In a recent blog over at, Q&A manager, Seb "motherH" Downie mentions that his team is busy at work with the online portion of Killzone 2. It makes us wonder how far along the game really is even with more than 7 months of development to go!

Hit the jump to see what he has to say.

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Lord Anubis4148d ago (Edited 4148d ago )

this add more validity to their online beta in the coming months.

nasim4148d ago

Hopefully even before the launches of mega ps3 titles ....ps3 would overtake x360 on a worldwide basis and that is very likely since x360 is the dead console in EU and JAPAN

ps3 would have to overtake the market leader wii to become no 1 which would happen soon

Evil0Angel4148d ago (Edited 4148d ago )

*HALO3 will sell more than PS3 will sell in a year
*XBOX360:will sell in SEP in NA more than PS3 sell in -atleast- 4 months
*UR megatitles will not hit store till Q2 2008, by that time 360 kick PS3 butt so hard it will be hard to recover as result :
some of your mega title will hit PS3 and 360

*Ur mega titles are:
-GT5: hopefully christmas 2008/ Europe 2009
-KZ2:what make you think GORILA can make proper games ???
what did they do ? KZ1 biggest joke ever
just becuae it PS3 EXCULSIVE
-MGS4:most relastic graphic ever, funniest/ sliliest gameplay ever
-FF13:i will give u that one
Uncharted:biggest ripoff in the history of gaming, add nothing but take elements from 4-5 games.Add nothing at all, just bring elemnts from diffrent games togther.gameplay not blanced= pistol more powerfull than shootgun

plus FF13 comin to 360, unless sony bribbes them
----------------------------- ------------------------------ -
EDIT:oh...if i only used protection 12 years ago, we would not have this troll called nasim

dhammalama4148d ago (Edited 4148d ago )

@ evil-angel

You dunce. Killzone Liberation proves it. Only MGS4 (not 1,2 or 3) has the "most realistic graphics ever" as you say, but it's THE "slilliest" GAMEPLAY that the millions of fans are going to buy the game for. Why is Uncharted the "BIGGEST RIPOFF OF GAMING HISTORY"?, because the hero can platform, shoot guns, take cover and he's looking for treasure?
Maybe you're right! Maybe once a feature is included in a game it should never be implemented in another one, GOD FORBID a game includes MULTIPLE features to IMPROVE gameplay!!
give me a break you goof.

Sony doesn't need to "bribbe" anyone, although they might. Microsoft has been playing the bribbing game for a while now, and I'm sure sony has too.

**AND NASIM** You are a fanboy TOOL. STFU.

toughNAME4148d ago

"and its only pre pre pre pre-alpha!!!:D:D:D:!!:D:"

Lord Anubis4148d ago

never heard of MGS4 MGO. OH! Giggitty Giggitty Giggitty!

Demon19804148d ago

yeah....they said that at E3 dipsh!t which is 2 months ago.

xaphanze4148d ago

Demo before the end of the year? I dont think so. The game has a long road ahead of it.

Clinton5144148d ago

The only thing Seb has mentioned earlier is that we'll be receiving beta info this solid confirmation as to whether we'll be seeing a beta in 2007. Either way, it's good to hear that they are progressing as usual.

Lord Anubis4148d ago (Edited 4148d ago )

"Remember Remember the Fifth of November." -V

heroman7114148d ago

so this answers my question on weather it will be online or not. now a must buy for me

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