Xmas Shoppers Prefer Sony's Move, Survey Reveals

A new survey looking into what gamers will be buying this Christmas has revealed that twice as many shoppers intend on buying Sony’s Move rather than the Xbox Kinect. A total of 3,000 shoppers were questioned on their retail buys by VoucherCodes German sister website Gutschein-Codes.

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Dylantalon12873d ago

So Xmas shoppers prefer a quality product that works as advertised.

rezzah2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Maybe its the price range too, Like the bundle is 100 for Move but 150 for Kiniect. That extra 50 can change a lot of minds.

Thats because poeple who are rooting for Move will be attracted to the title. And the same for those who are against the Move.

deadreckoning6662873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

"So Xmas shoppers prefer a quality product that works as advertised."

Because a survey of 3,000 shoppers said so??

@The_Darkest_Red- So does my television and 90% of the other electronics I own. Whats your point?

This survey states that people prefer PS Move....where in that article did you see anything that has to do with it being worked as advertised.

For example, lets say I prefer Samsung televisions to Sony televisions because I think the blacks are better represented in Samsung televisions. What does my preference of Samsung televisions have to do with Samsung televisions "working as advertised"?

LOL, do people even THINK before they make a reply around here? Your argument has nothing to do with anything.

The_Darkest_Red2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )


No, probably because it works as advertised.

somerandomdude2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

It's only a German sample, I wounder what a random worldwide sample would look like?

It looks like Sony's move has Germany, anyone know about the U.S.?

Lifendz2873d ago

Good point. Everyone keeps saying Move is more expensive but the cost of entry is much less than it is with Kinect. (Sounds somewhat similar to what we use to argue about on here about PS3 actually being cheaper than 360 once you factor in the cost of all the additional stuff you need for 360).

Anyway, I think people probably feel the Move is an improvement on the Wii whereas Kinect is something completely different.

Game-ur2873d ago

for 10 million PSEye owners like me the cost was only 50$

Mystogan2873d ago

it also depends on where this ''survey'' is based, if its japan then, duh!! if its europe then,hard to believe, if its US then, NEVERR!!

ow its only germany ... forget what i said.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2873d ago

Overheard two guys talking about selling their Kinect because it was boring.

zootang2873d ago

"Samsung televisions to Sony televisions because I think the blacks are better represented in Samsung televisions"

Just lies or bad eyesight.

The_Darkest_Red2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )


I would ask you if you thought before replying to me but I suppose replying is somewhat limited when you only have 1 bubble to work with. So I'll say it like this: do people even THINK before editing their comments around here?

The comparison here is between Move and Kinect, not Samsung and Sony TV's. Nice attempt at an analogy there but I'm afraid it is a faulty one.

It doesn't say in the article why people chose Move but I think as consumers we can make some informed inferences.

Move works as advertised, Kinect doesn't. It's fairly simple really. I'm not "bashing" Kinect (even though I don't personally have any interest in it) I just think that Microsoft makes it out to be MUCH more than it actually is. Go watch a Microsoft E3 conference from the past 2 years and you'll see what I'm talking about.

All these paragraphs for something so simple.

Pennywise2873d ago

deadreckoning666, The crusade must go on! I applaud you in your never ending task to preserve the Microsoft name. Keep up the good, but frivolous work. I'm am sure it will pay off(literally).

ARBitrator2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Funny this is they are saying move and buying kinect. Damn shoppers!

A couple more things:

"A total of 3,000 shoppers were questioned on their retail buys by VoucherCodes German sister website Gutschein-Codes and the results add weight to the 4.1 million Moves Sony claims to have shipped recently."

Hasn't it already been determined that those were shipped numbers....Go figure they elected to ignore that.

"Of the shoppers surveyed, just 5.6 per cent said they would buy the Kinect, while 11.3 per cent said they would opt for the Move. A total of 6.6 per cent, however, said they intend to buy both"

That means that 336 people out of 3000 chose move as opposed to 168 people for a whopping total of 504 people out of 3000 even considering motion controls. Oh wow, lets write an article about this. Really?

"the survey found 56.3 per cent are actually be put off the Kinect due to the fact it has a six foot space requirement."

So that would be 284 people out of the 504 the would consider either device were put off by the 6 foot space requirement of kinect while it has been documented that Move required 8 feet of space (see link below) Once again, the writers forgot to mention that.

I mean, to really think about it, looking at the numbers this survey produced, this article could have only been written to produce hits simply because the data it produced, doesn't void well for either move or kinect in the whole grand scheme of things.

Bigpappy2873d ago

Yep! "Survey says" is a lot more acurale than actual sales. Fanboyz love them some surveys, hate sales. I wonder why that is?

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The_Darkest_Red2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

This article will be +600 degrees in the next hour. Why?

Some of the mysteries of N4G will never be known to man...

EDIT: I mean the answer is pretty obvious it's just more fun to pretend like N4G isn't just some completely predictable fanboy wasteland. :)

ChristianGamer2873d ago

Lol I'm done trusting surveys...they always come up with different conclusions each time lol.
Besides, the survey and the real numbers conflict

WildArmed2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Surveys are based off of very non-randomized samples.
Which is why in statistics, Profs. focus on RADOMIZED sampling (not to talk about sample size.. it's just 3,000).
If you are on a site w/ Wii users are dominant, you can tell what the survey will be b4 hand.

It's funny when a site called: asks what would you want to buy most?
1) PC
2) House
3) console
4) PC upgrades

which ones do you think will have the higher votes?
It's quite obvious.
Unfortunately, there is no absolute way to get a real survey done.

And, the worst type of survey's are internet surveys.. but I think I've reached my personal set word limit in this comment >.<

Ofcourse, I don't need to go through how un-credible surveys are.
No1 can check the facts..
if 30 people votes, next thing you know you have an article saying WITH 3000 PEOPLE VOTED, THIS IS OUR RESULT.
Heck, I've made up surveys with 200 votes on the fly for my ENGL355 lit course.
No1 bothers checking your work.

FrankDrebin2873d ago

Interesting survey! Especially since the Kinect has been outselling it like MAD!

Wait a second, is this from Germany? What?

Shouldn't this article say, German Shoppers Prefer Sony Move?
This Article Fails! sucks!

tacosRcool2873d ago

Plus Move is gonna have hardcore games compared to Kinect

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SMOK3xFFx2873d ago

"A total of 3,000 shoppers were questioned on their retail buys by VoucherCodes German sister website Gutschein-Codes"

Fyzzu2873d ago

Was this from all over Germany, or just one region? I'd like to see data from more than one country, really... different countries have different system biases.

rezzah2873d ago

Based on your veiw, in the end itll just be a pile of biases from each country. Still I dont see how its biased in any way.

Would we call the country that votes for Kinect biased too?

Maticus2873d ago

It seems strasnge because Kinect is so much better than move.

ButterBomb2873d ago

The Wii has got people waggling so maybe they find some familiarity with it? Not really sure myself. Anyone looking to waggle something around in their hand you would think would be a no brainer to go with the Wii since they have the motion library to actually back up the purchase. Must be existing owners.

strickers2873d ago

Says you with your made up words.

Dorwrath2873d ago

Obviously 3000 people = the world.

Xusuyzus2873d ago

you don't know how surveys work,.. It is obviously Move is more popular in europe anyway,..

quite a useless article

Octo12873d ago

Useless article AND stupid title. The better title would be "Xmas shoppers in Germany prefer the move over Kinect" which is still debatable because not all of Germany was polled or surveyed.
I don't have a 360 BUT I would have to agree that the space issue would be a concern for me as well.

rezzah2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

I dont think the article stated abything about the world, Just that out of the people who voted Move was the more popular.

You and your infatuation with the world has nothing to do with the survey.

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