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"Splatterhouse is a name that will resonate with old school gamers. Namco Bandai is looking to revive the series and make the name known to more players through their reimagining. The game stars Rick, his girlfriend Jennifer, and the psychotic Dr. West. After receiving an invitation to Dr. West’s mansion for an interview Jennifer heads there accompanied by Rick who decided to tag along to look after her. Shortly upon arriving Dr. West appears and kidnaps Jennifer while Rick is fatally wounded by the Corrupted Dr. West releases. Laying in his own blood, intestines hanging out, Rick notices the Terror Mask laying within arms reach in his pool of blood. The mask promises to aid him in his quest to save Jeniifer at which point they can part ways. This is where the duo’s journey begins." - JPS

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Theparanerds2868d ago

great review, but ouch score