IncGamers: World of Warcraft Players With No Interest in Cataclysm

IncGamers Jeff Hollis explores the soon-to-be forgotten subset of WoW players: those that aren't interested in Cataclysm and anything the new expansion has to offer.

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MegaMohsi2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

no new classes but there are 2 new races.

Fyzzu2874d ago

True, but races aren't as fundamentally different as classes. Most of the racial differences only make a huge difference to players at the endgame anyway.

Fyzzu2874d ago

Personally, I've got no interest in Cataclysm because there are too many people playing. It's totally killed the atmosphere for me, and it's irritating trying to get anything done. I'll play it in a few weeks.