Google to Expand into the Gaming Market

Recently, Google rolled out it's Google Chrome Web Store site, enabling the purchase and installation of varying Themes, Extensions, Apps, and in this case, Games.

Among the offerings, the critically acclaimed Plants Vs. Zombies makes an appearance. Expect to see more titles in the next weeks and months to come

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kdogdaddy2923d ago

Really liking this move, have always been a tried and true proponent of Google and all their products.

Shackdaddy8362923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Google will one day rule the world.

Google web search
Google phone
Google web browser
Google OS

Next up:
-Google computer
-Google car
-Google food
-Google buying out apple
-Google releases the gpod(the new ipod)
-Google buys out Microsoft
-Google quickly takes out/buys all competition in electronics
-Google airlines
-Google petroleum
-Google buys small country
-Google develops GoogleArms(super high-tech laser weapons)
-Google attacks and defeats all of Africa.
-Renames territory Googopia
-Google founder dies of old age, only to be replaced by a greater, even more powerful leader.
-Using smart tactics, Google moves on to the Middle East and defeats region
-Google moves on to India, eventually defeating them in a long, bloody war.
-Google attacks Asia and quickly defeats them in a year
-Google moves on to Europe and defeats them in a week
-U.S. tries to attack but cannot match the epicness of the Google Empire
-Google counterattacks and takes over the Americas.
-Google renames world "Gooto"(pronounced Goo-toe)
-Google finds new life on a different planet and sets off to conquer them using business tactics followed by unexpected force.

My prediction for the future....

Zachmo1822923d ago

Well they do have a google netbook coming out.

I can see something like this happening Google, Walmart, McDonalds and Verizon join to make one massive company. They're def going to be taking over the world.

r1sh122923d ago

I hope you realise that google's entire revenue stream is from ad's.
Which means that any game google was to create would contain adverts and probably some software which collects anonymous data, they have it in everything they do.
Its a shame, but its their business plan.
Google are pretty much going to fingers in many pies,(no pun intended), they have expanded to smartphones, netbooks (soon), they will keep striving forward.
I dont know if its a good thing for gaming but we will see.

mcstorm2923d ago

I think it is good what google are doing but they always say they are taking on ms. This is where Google will fail. No one will push MS out of the pc market as they have been in the game for too long.

MS are at this moment not a force in the mobile market although windows phone 7 could change this as the software is amazing.

Gmail has round 30m users windows live has 300m users.

Gdocs will never get near office.

the only thing they have got is google search which is bigger than big but they way things are going at the moment bing can close the gap over the next few years with apple looking to pick bing as it default search windows phone using bing xbox using bing and bing being the default search of IE and firefox looking at moving away from google.

Google need to be looking at what apple are doing and trying to take them on as they are more a match to google than ms.

r1sh122922d ago


I agree. Im not sure how google will beat MS in PC's, they could take MAC first if anyone.
I think google will win the mobile market, flooding the market with multiple models and manufacturers.
I was thinking about a MS phone, I tried a demo model out its pretty good.
But its the 1st iteration, many bugs will have to be found.
Im gonna stick with android for the time being.

Losi2923d ago

Agreed. Chrome is definitely the best browser out there, and it's an interesting move to see Google expanding it into a more multi-purpose platform.

D4RkNIKON2923d ago

I want to see some more gaming on my android phone

Convas2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

I gotta disagree about Chrome being the best browser. Personally, I feel that Firefox is the best. But that's just me.

iamgoatman2923d ago

Pfft, all the cool kids know Opera is where it's at.

Quite a few of Chromes features originated on Opera as well, like the speed dial or whatever google now calls it.

Darth Stewie2923d ago

Please be Chrome as PS3 web browser or Google TV coming to PS3.

tudors2923d ago

Why don't sll businesses just become game companies /s

Seriously I am fed up with large corporations entering certain markets just because they have the money to do so.

tudors2923d ago

"Why don't all businesses just become game companies /s"