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HD Video Review of Kung-Fu Live for the PlayStation 3. Kung-Fu Live from the PSN store showcases some of the really cool uses of the PS Eye camera with the PS3. Fingers crossed we will see more kinect-style PS3 games in the future!

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trounbyfire2870d ago

hey the PS3 has enabled a guy with no lower legs to play a fighting game.

It only does....i have nothing you finish it

OGharryjoysticks2870d ago

you don't need feet to kick ass

jjacinto232869d ago

actually you can disable your feet in the game by removing it in the setting..... i have this game and i like playing it. i have a kinect but kinect doesn't have this kind of game

disturbing_flame2870d ago

WTF game.
I think that's certainly one of these games that can be really fun when you watch someone playing it.

Now in its core gameplay i find this maybe better than a lot of kinect games.

Not my glass of wine anyway.

Sanii2869d ago

Guitar Hero guitar ftw

QDOGG2869d ago

i downloaded this game and it works for me i have good lightning and space to play i think it's a great game plus a workout too no lag
if it was a KINECT game you will have lag i know because i bought my son a KINECT and it lags

ARBitrator2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

@QDOGG, that was simply pathetic.