Are you ready for a double dose of app madness? - Review of Super Mega Worm and Cut the Rope

"If you have ever spent any amount of time browsing the iTunes App Store then, like me, you’ve probably found yourself leaving with more than a few impulse purchases. It just so happens that on my latest trip to the Apple money sink I picked up a few new games. Of the bunch, two stood up above the rest. It’s quite funny how very dissimilar these games are. One is a retro-looking action game and the other is an adorably animated puzzle solver. Without further adieu I present to you my dueling diversions, Super Mega Worm and Cut the Rope."

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TWIXMIX2874d ago

We decided to try a different format for this review by including both short reviews in 1.

What do you guys think of this format for smaller games?

tinydancer2874d ago

I kinda like the format. Rather than separating them both to fill up the site with small reviews, you combine the two small reviews into a regular one.

Good job! Maybe I'll have to check these games out.

MountainMaverick2874d ago

Nice review! I like how it's short and to the point. I'm glad there is someone out there to tell me about the good games on the app store. It's often really hard to find anything on the crowded store.