Edge: Building A New PC

Edge: As the current crop of consoles reach old age, we look at where PC gaming can go next.

The problem with a world as vast and eclectic as PC gaming is that it’s easy to pretend that nothing’s wrong. Evangelists can point to Minecraft, Torchlight, DotA 2, Vindictus and any number of games that remind us where so many ideas still originate. Or World Of Warcraft, FarmVille and StarCraft II – the ones that remind us where time and money are still being spent. But what do you say to a diehard FPS nut who remembers when it wasn’t just Valve? Or Baldur’s Gate fans who die a little more with every Dragon Age 2 reveal? Or the guy who just bought a £350 graphics card?

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MegaMohsi2922d ago

good read, basically its gonna take the next generation of consoles to push PC tech forward unless the game is a PC exclusive, which is the sad but unfortunate truth. I guess on the plus side we won't have to upgrade as often? my i7930 gtx 460 should last me a few years at this rate.