MS 'taking the fight to Apple' with Windows Phone 7

Microsoft Games Studios' Kieron Connell has said that the platform holder's deadly serious about its assault on the mobile market with Windows Phone 7.

Speaking at the Evolve In London Conference, he said that Apple's competitors have invested too much in the mobile sector to just give up and let the iPhone maker dominate.

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riksweeney2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Oh please, what a load of tosh.

Once my contract is up at the end of next year I'll be getting an Android phone.

Windows Phone 7 doesn't even register on my radar.

Jdoki2922d ago

W7 Mobile does some nice stuff, but it'll take a lot for MS to shake the legacy of the older Windows Phones.

Problem MS has is that they marketed the old Mobile Windows so hard as a business OS, and as it failed so massively, it'll be hard to convince people that W7 is intended to compete with iPhone rather than Blackberry

I'm sticking with Android. it fits the middle ground between 'business' and 'consumer' really well. And it just gets better and better. Now that a lot of iPhone developers are also supporting Android the quality of apps has come on massively in the last 3-6 months.

astar1234567892922d ago

there is only a couple phones that matter, iphone, android phone and the blackberry phone all other phones dont really matter in my eye.

Jdoki2922d ago

Yeah. So true.

Blackberry for business. iPhone and Android for consumers.

Although where I work we're starting to see a big swing from Blackberry to Android. We can also have iPhone's if we want - but few bother.

forcefullpower2922d ago

LoL. I don't think so.

In the UK the only phones that matter are the iphone and android phones. And for everybody else that doesnt have the money its the Nokia n8.