Killzone 3 vs. Gears of War 3: Impressive Video Comparison Emerged

A new video compares two of the biggest games in 2011: Killzone 3 (PS3) and Gears of War 3 (Xbox 360). Which of these two exclusives will win the race?

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but both will be fun games period

Peppino73496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Kz3 is better, especially graphically but gears will sell more cuz of its fps loving fan base. Simple

@below- you're right. My mistake.

Washington-Capitals3496d ago

Your logic might have made sense, but if only gears was an fps.

Gears sells well because a game like that has its main market base in the US. Also the US happens to be where the majority of 360s are sold.

nix3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Gears.. the only game i want from 360's library... but getting KZ3 first day!

Washington-Capitals3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

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MariaHelFutura3496d ago

I hope GeoW3 is better than GeoW2 and more like GeoW1.

smoothdude3496d ago

Because we all know that Graphics=How good a games is going to be. There is no way to tell which one is better until you play both. A better question would be which ones are you planning on buying? KILLZONE 3 on day 1!

Perjoss3496d ago

if it was just about the graphics then GT5 would never have got good reviews.

ravinash3496d ago

Odd, considering all the nit picking was about graphical issues.
Standard car details and damage.

So what your saying is it should have gotten great reviews.

Active Reload3496d ago

I'm not at all impressed with KZ's engine and don't really know what the fuss is about. To me its all hype, but that could go for anything.

Kurt Russell3496d ago

I much prefer Gears' gameplay over KZ. The single player cover system on KZ fucked me off most... but character design and boss fights were also a hell of a lot better on Gears (not to mention they know how to make a decent looking flame thrower). If gears has improved the multiplayer experience (lag etc) then the third iteration will be immense!

D4RkNIKON3496d ago

I plan to get both but there is no touching KZ3's graphics. Unreal engine just won't compare.

3495d ago
Active Reload3495d ago

Really? I think Gears 3 looks better than KZ3. But to each its own I guess...

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DigitalAnalog3496d ago

The anti-PS3 german site full of nonsensical ads.

-End of Line

BabyTownFrolics3496d ago

with the tron references


and I'm looking forward to both. My gaming community consists of more gears players to KZ3 players. I found it a lot easier to build a community of strangers on the 360 than on the PS3, i was hoping my time inKZ2, MAG or Uncharted 2 would have changed that but alas it did not happen. so I'm putting out a friendly request.

my psn id is


if you play any of the above ps3 games and plan on getting KZ3 send me a friend request, I'm looking for folks who play on line and like teamwork, so mics are a must. Thanks.

if any of you play MAG, KZ2,

King_many_layers3495d ago

KZ explosion = 3 Dimensional
Halo explosion 2 Dimensional

visualb3496d ago

what a stupid comparison -________-

King-Leonidas3496d ago

lol i know considering both games are BETAs

Death24943496d ago

I hope i don't come off as a fanboy but i probably will. I love gears of War and I'm getting Gears3 but How many players can you have in a game match online? It's like only 8, or 10. Killzone3 is suppose to have the 32 players for the really large maps.

ChrisW3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Hmmmm... one looks like a Team Fortress 2 ripoff, but with awesome graphics.

zeddy3496d ago

"Impressive Video Comparison Emerged" theres nothing impressive about this video and adding the word "emerged" is clearly trying to convice us that the footage is brand new or something.

evilunklebud3496d ago

No fanboy-ism... both look loads of fun.

MNicholas3496d ago

It provides no technical commentary and no proper side-by-side comparisons.

This video comparing the Killzone and Gears engines is much better:

STREET x KING3495d ago

To be fair, that guy seems to not have played gears too much. It's a dead give away when he compares the pistols. He compares a strong magnum from killzone to gears weakest no-recoil pistol. He should have just compared both magnums from the games. There other things that hint at him not knowing much on gears throughout that video.

UnbiasedTroll3496d ago

killzone francise compared to Gears of war?


killzone not even same league of Gears Of War francise. Just got better graphics..

Killzone 3 has to do somthing amazing to be compared to the big boys as Gears Of War.

Gears Of War most critically acclaimed and more famous and hugely better game then Killzone in all angles.

Killzone? ermm i cant say that is even known to anyone lol apart from die hard fans...I mentioned you play killzone 2 to a fan of PS3 he said " whats killzone? I play call of duty. "

its really sad killzone 2 multiplayer is really fun with classes. BUT sony fanboys can speak all they want THEY DON'T EVEN PLAY IT THERESELFS.

Yesterday i was checking online in the world there are probably 20 lobbies open. No one plays this game.

UnbiasedTroll3496d ago

one thing i dont know why killzone 2 is even 18. Killzone 3 yes will have finally some brutality, But Gears Of War violence makes Killzone look like a kids game.

perhaps because of ricos f bomb every single sentence.

Heavy_Rain3495d ago

Lol Gears is for kiddies. Dumb Protoganists who have taken an overdose of steroids. The Helghast make those morons look like pussies that they are. Gears looks so last gen compared to KZ.

Masterchef20073495d ago

Riping Helios head off with your bear hands makes Gears look like a Kiddy Game. Or grabing a poor centaur and ripping out his intestines. I find God of War 3 to be more brutal than both Gears 3 and Killzone 3.

STREET x KING3495d ago

Woah! What's with all the blind killzone love!!? Did we watch the same video!? Gears looks awesome! I wonder how many people watched the video!

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Organization XII3496d ago

UE3 is a toy compared to KZ3's graphics,
"PS3" it only does awesome exclusives.

UnbiasedTroll3496d ago

you got to be kidding me? Killzone 2 what some gray ass graphics. so generic and bland. Yes awesome gun detail and this will continue to Killzone 3.

But in terms of technologicalview. UNCHARTED OWNS KILLZONE 2. The graphics in Uncharted 2 is so colourful and vibrant with awesome effects as water snow and more.

The way Uncharted 3 sand and fire and water are described.

Uncharted 2 was best looking game i played this freaken gen.

nah Killzone 3 grey graphics don't impress me even Gears Of War graphics is better and more colourful.

Heavy_Rain3495d ago

Moron is using another ps3 exclusive to downplay a ps3 exclusive and then concludes gears is better. Jesus no wonder a lot of immature kids play gears. Seem to def lack brains

King_many_layers3495d ago

Your comment is so critically misinformed that it's almost laughable, I'm afraid that my laugh failed to prevail over my cringe though.

Killzone is technically more impressive in terms of many aspects than either of the games mentioned. The ability to render some of the volumetric (3-dimensional) smoke effects along with it's real time dynamic lighting is really quite breath taking at times. chapter 3 whilst with Rico and Natko waiting for Garrza you see a Helghast run through the smoke which dynamically reacts to the lighting in the environment and your gun fire. It's just so astounding that you cannot say anything negative about it.

Also you have to consider that KZ is a FIRST PERSON GAME. if i was to stand next to a wall I'd be looking at the wall from a foot away, if it was from a camera behind it would be 2-3 foot away, hence it's easier for a TPS to look sharper.

Also Art direction does not equate to graphical capablities. If I turn on the black and white filter in Uncharted does it make it bad graphically ????????

rukia_chan3496d ago

duh, unreal engine sucks..

no contest here killzone won in all categories.

The Meerkat3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Except gameplay.



Edit: "Gouging eyes isn't badass."
Not as Badass as ripping peoples arms of or cutting them in half with a chainsaw.

In fact, gouging eyes is a bit girly.
Will KZ4 feature Chinese burns or nipping?

SnakeMustDie3496d ago

Gouging eyes isn't badass.


Washington-Capitals3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

@The Meerkat
You know since you have already played gears 3 right?

visualb3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

lol @ "badass" competition...



and neither compare to the most bad ass game ever...i don't even need to mention the name.

one is more "realistic" the other is more "ludic", but both are damn bad ass

just stfu already both of you geez, you all fall for the same trap all the time...

awesomeperson3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

I know right Visual, nothing compares to Sackboy in badassness (just look at my DP)

EDIT: Or maybe Sankemustdie (poster a few main comments below) captures two badass characters joined together, probably what you were talking about ;)

beavis4play3496d ago

meerkat - a knife to the eye is definitely badass. (and i can't EVER recall a newsstory of a girl jamming a knife into someones eye. - so, you're "girly" comment is a MAJOR fail)

Qui-Gon Jim3496d ago

This generations "with attitude".

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Kurt Russell3496d ago

Unreal engine doesn't suck.. it producing shit loads of great titles all the time.

Fuck it.. why bother, you're called hellghan666 - nothing smacks of fanboy dumbfuck prick more than that, sorry to waste all your sony feltching time.

slate913495d ago

Can't bother with half of the fanboys on this site. Which is why I try to stay clear of the comment section.

John Kratos3496d ago

Getting both so I guess it really doesn't matter.

Newtype3496d ago

If Uncharted 3 came out it would have been a better comparison seeing as they are both 3rd person shooters. KZ3 is an FPS, different type of game.