Nintendo to release new classic console games on Wii's Virtual Console

Over at Camp Hyrule George Harrison, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communication at Nintendo of America, answered some questions for Nintendo fans in a chat yesterday.

Singled out are the answers he gave about the Wii's download service called "Virtual Console", very interesting.

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kewlkat0075384d ago

$5-$10 bucks to play old games I'm sticking to my Emulators...

Witewunder5383d ago

I could see 5-10 MAYBE for some N64 games, but not NES or SNES. They have to be smarter than this... I hope.

Witewunder5383d ago

I do know it won't be free! They should charge 1-2 for NES, and maybe 2-3 for SNES. The less they charge, the more people would buy and be happy.

Marriot VP5383d ago

This is the only reason I could see myself with a wii 2 years from now.

wakkiwakko5383d ago

There's no info as to how much the games will cost. 5-10 is all speculation. Just wait and see until all details are revealed.

deathtok5383d ago

Totally called this. Probably the best decision Nintendo has a made in a long time.