Resident Evil on Nintendo 3DS, Screenshots and Info

New press release from Capcom Europe shed new light on the upcoming 3DS Resident Evil games with screenshots and artwork and all the info.

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SpaceSquirrel2874d ago

These games and Metal Gear Solid makes me want 3DS.


i was thinking the same thing!

StitchJones2874d ago

These are NOT real screen shots. These are computer renders of what they are working on. If it WAS a real screenshot it would have been a camera capture of the 3DS unit. Don't fall for the hype yet folks. Take the DOA for example, the 'screenshots' look incredible, but there is no way the game will actually look like that.

browngamer42868d ago

Actually these ARE the real screenshots as capcom has stated time and time again..This is running on their mt framework engine-so yeah these are the REAL screenshots!