GAME now holding Thursday Madness Sales

M2G Writes:

You thought GAME were mad on Monday? Well today they are going mad again, with yet more crazy sales prices.

Today you can pick up Tron on Xbox 360 or PS3 for £19.99, Bioshock 2 on either console for just £7.99, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands for £9.99, Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows – Part 1 for £24.99, Need for Speed: Limited Edition for £22.99 (what???).

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jordypordy2961d ago

That is some sweet deals :D

Denethor_II2961d ago

hmmmm Fable 3 for £25. Do I buy this?

wotta2961d ago

Its well worth it for that price, check our review of this and NFS on the M2G site.

Calm Down Sunshine2961d ago

Someone, somewhere.. Put Assassins Creed Brotherhood on sale.

CBaoth2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

But I grabbed a copy of AC:Brotherhood @ KMART the other day & got a $20 gift card. They also have a special this week: buy a 160gig PS3 and receive a free copy of AC:B. Bought the PS3, returned the standalone copy, used the store credit on another game, and got to keep the gift card.

They also got Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit for $39.99 this week as well (for both consoles).

Vip3r2961d ago

GT5 Signature Edition looks tempting for £89.99. Just to bad I already have GT5.