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"Which games released this year have really been worth your buck? Games retail in similar price brackets, but longevity and value definitely differ. Here's GameState's Award for the game with the most meat on the bones in 2010." - GameState

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WobblyOnion2874d ago

Even though it's broken, my nod has to go to Fallout : New Vegas. 60 hours, and I've barely touched the main story. Of course, StarCraft 2's multiplayer will keep it played for ages.

Racing games (or simulators, if you prefer) don;t interest me personally, so I disagree with your choice - but i'm pretty sure it'll ring true for many.

granthinds2874d ago

Excellent contender. I feel really upset about leaving Fallout: New Vegas and RDR out of this list. Wish there were more categories.

nix2874d ago

i'm happy with GT5... two full weekends and every week night 5 hours (till 2/3am) down. and i'm still at level 18. i went online last night and man... the rising sun in Nurburgring was so beautiful.

GT5 will keep me busy for it's going to take me ages to earn credits to buy all the cars i want. specially X1.

WildArmed2874d ago

lol, speaking of money's worth.. My award would to go..
White Knight Chronicles >.<

Have about 700 hours into it.
And still play it.

Ofc, this is just my personal opinion.
I don't expect alot of people to agree on my personal award.
But, I've got alot more than my money's worth from WKC <3

Runnerup would be: RDR (red dead redemption), i think I clocked about 100 hours into it :)

harrisk9542874d ago

You must not have a girlfriend or wife! ;)

WildArmed2874d ago

haha, funny ;)
I have that, a full time job and 15 credits worth of classes..
But I make time <3
You'd think people can't survive on 2-4 hours of sleep, but I proved them wrong..

Speaking of sleep.. I need to finish my Differential equations review for my final and then atleast get 3 hours of shuteye.

vrylstminute2874d ago

What about WOW? Buy that game and you wont have to worry about expenses like movies, hygiene products or birth-control... ><

granthinds2874d ago

Haha! If it weren't for WoW's subscription service it'd have definitely been here.

ChrisW2874d ago

Damn! You're that young?!?

MerkabaZA2874d ago

I'm going to have to opt for Red Dead Redemption. First sandbox style game that I played from start to finish and loved every minute of it. The multiplayer and online was finally something worth trying out from Rockstar unlike GTA 4 and the free co op DLC seals the deal as far as I'm concerned.

granthinds2874d ago

It is an excellent game. I feel it JUST falls short of this list and these contenders in this category. :) Hope your feelings aren't hurt! :)


well it's your opinion to say it falls short, no feelings hurt but I would say it's your list that falls short, not RDR.

It's a game on another level. I am a big cod player and big Halo fan but the only reason those games have anything on RDR is because of their multiplayer. even then RDR multiplayer pushed a lot in terms of MP for an open world sandbox game.

If you stack the zombie expansion alone for RD then it stomps the others. RD was not perfect, it had a few bugs and what not... but you know what, considering the size of the game and all the stuff you could do in MP, it was great value for money ( and it still manged to have less bullet lag then blackops )

WobblyOnion2874d ago

I could be down for RDR completely. It's also the first large-scale sandboxer I've been compelled enough to complete.

Pillville2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

I agree on RDR.

RDR had hours of free roaming, story SP and MP.

Halo: Lots of MP, short SP
FONV: Lots of SP, no MP

BradyRuiters2874d ago

Not really a racing fan nor am I a GT fan. My choice would have to be Red Dead Redemption. So much to do in that game. The amount of activities just blew me away.

PS3Blog2874d ago

I agree with GT5 it offers so much to play and I'm sure that they will be more coming via DLC! What about FIFA11 or PES2011 even? There are tons of features there.

granthinds2874d ago

As great as Fifa11 and PES2011 were, the improvements in terms of content weren't large enough to warrant the award. These type of games suffer from losing longevity by alienating a large amount of players and having a generally unimpressive online modes.

BradyRuiters2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

I can't also help but feel that the Fifa games released every year is just the same game with a bit of a spit polish. Hey, I'm just sayin'

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