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GameShard writes: ""hat a difference two years makes. Two Worlds II is not merely a sequel to Two Worlds. To call it such would be to undermine the complete overhaul, from top to bottom, inside and out, that developer Reality Pump has actioned. From the dramatic, beautifully animated into through to the closing moments, Two Worlds II is a game that impresses, fusing cinematic visuals and direction with open world adventure."

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Baba19063496d ago

i might get this i think, have only seen good reviews...... hmm

Red_Orange_Juice3496d ago

two worlds 1 - 65
two worlds 2 - 87 (+22)

two worlds 1 - 50
two worlds 2 - 84 (+34)


pangitkqb3496d ago

Good to see some solid scores for this title. Two World's had so much potential and I'm glad to see the sequel living up to what could have been.

I'm excited for this one.

ThanatosDMC3496d ago

Is this coming to the ps3, im rpg starved. Yeah, i all ready have all the good ones. Didnt like the recent NIS games.

rugis3496d ago

@thanatosDMC Yes, it is.

jib3496d ago

i've played 7 hours into it(PC). its pretty fun overall. love the spell/craft system

the environment IMO isn't as good as oblivion. the land doesn't feel as vast as it does in oblivion. also, the mount/horse animation could have been better. it felt clunky to ride around

Rom8283496d ago

Me too... I am hoping it soothes my RPG itch.

IlluminatusV3496d ago

I am playing the game right now (Germany already has the game released). I can tell you the game is good. And there are many sidequests I didn't mention in my first playthrough. I am on my second playthrough now and it is still good. The world sometimes is a little bit empty but the cities are full of life.

Substance1013496d ago

Wonder how this comparies to Divinity 2 dragon knight saga.

mobijoker3496d ago

Agree with you completely.I'm also on my second playthrough and the sidequests are amazing.But the best part has to be the spell and crafting system.
Also playing Divinity 2 and New Vegas now.Comparing the three i think TW2 is 9.0,New Vegas 8.75 and divinity 2 is 8.5 game.
why not go for both?They will keep you busy for a long time.

ironcreed3496d ago

Yet another great review. Cannot wait to finally get my hands on it next month.

Ahasverus3496d ago

IS this true? Miracles happen so!! =D

Vherostar3496d ago

Yeah was thinking that as the first game bombed hard.

Kalowest3496d ago

This is more than a Miracle.

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The story is too old to be commented.