AusGamers Interviews The Behemoth

AusGamers: "At this year's TGS, AusGamers caught up with Castle Crashers developer, The Behemoth. Read on to see what they had to say..

AusGamers: Hey guys, we're down on the Tokyo Games Show show-floor. But we decided not to go to any of the Tokyo Games! We decided to find The Behemoth and we're here with Tom Fulp, who's one of the co-founders and a Senior Programmer on Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers -- two of my favourite games. Tom, you guys are here [Tokyo Games Show] every year, do you get much of a reaction from the Japanese audience, especially on the public days?

Tom Fulp: Yeah, the public days are really big for us -- we get big lines of people playing. So we're really excited for this year because we have Castle Crashers coming out on PSN hopefully next month [Since Launched in Australia on November 3rd 2010, but Japan still coming], so we're really excited to get them amped up for that."

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