Nintendo's Wii losing ground to Sony's PlayStation 3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360

For four Christmases in a row, the Nintendo Wii was the must-have, can't-find holiday gift.

Parents camped out in front of toy stores and electronics shops, while retailers packaged the Wii with multiple games to maximize revenue from desperate buyers.

Not anymore.

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DoomeDx2870d ago

When you are hungry, you need to eat.

Common sense!
just like the article.
we knew this already

JsonHenry2870d ago

They should be thankful that it was ever ahead at all..

DoomeDx2870d ago

Nintendo sold MILLIONS of stuff..

Even shitty games sold more then masterpieces like Uncharted or Gears of war.

They should not complain.
My girlfriends familiy alone, is full of nintendo!
All of them have a DS, 2 of them have a . and alot of games!

bananlol2870d ago

We clearly have diffrent definitions of what a masterpiece is.

AEtherbane2870d ago

Honest question: Who doesn't own / hasn't owned a Wii yet?

UltimateIdiot9112870d ago

I don't "own" a Wii but my brother has one (I play the Wii way more than he ever did), my gf has one, my cousins has one, and almost 2 out of 3 friends own one.

So almost every family has a wii lying around.

eagle212870d ago

you actually believe this? PS3? 360? If Nintendo keeps selling millions of Wii's, how does that make PS3 or 360 catch up? Wii would have to sell far fewer than both to "lose ground". Almost next to nothing. But it's not.

dredgewalker2870d ago

I don't think Nintendo would mind with all the profit the Wii generated. They might already be making a successor without telling us. Anyway it's still great to see all consoles doing well for a long time. This is actually the most successful console generation as far as I can remember seeing the longevity of these products.

Blaster_Master2870d ago

WTF? The Wii has already lost ages ago. It just recently started getting some sweet hardcore games, but in the end it pretty much is 2 gamecubes duct tapped together with motion controls. They wont beable to get away with that again. Im not buying any more Wii games cause I wanna wait and experience them emulated in HD and 3-D the way Nintendo had previously envisioned. Now is the time for Nintendo to come out strong or not at all.

perfectCarbonara2870d ago

I don't even know if it its 2 Gamecubes, maybe just one Gamecube...

...with the duct tape.

Chromer2870d ago

Bubbles for the laugh.

bananlol2870d ago

My wiis laser died, so duct taped a harddrive the wii and the ac adapter together. Looks horrible, but comfortability comes before aesthetics.

chasegarcia2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Go to stores or check online. Nintendo has been hustling. Console is below $200 and it comes with games.Sales were around 400,000 last month alone.

eagle212870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

More like a million last month. I can't believe these fake journalist are using Pachter to make these stupid headlines. And I will take a good look at the comments in this article. So when Wii is announced 80 million like in a few weeks, I can laugh. :)

Pillville2870d ago

They need a new console badly. Well, actually, we need a new Nintendo console badly (Nintendo still raking in cash, even with declining sales).

480p doesn't cut it anymore, especially on my 47" HDTV. Even over the air TV broadcast are better (in USA anyway).

Before someone cries "graphics aren't everything", go back and watch a VHS tape of a good movie, don't you think the movie would be more enjoyable on bluray?
Still a good movie, but visuals do add to the experience.

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The story is too old to be commented.