Sony Pleased With PlayStation Plus Reception Thus Far

PSX Extreme: "So, are you a PlayStation Plus member yet? After being unveiled at E3, the service has provided fans with a way of nabbing more stuff for a lesser cost.

'...we haven't released figures yet, but in the most recent month, it's been very successful. We've listened to the feedback and have tried to offer the content that they want. We are running a business, so we had to look at a way to create reoccurring revenue, and we looked to see what would people be willing to pay for and PSN Plus was what we came up with, providing all a lot of great content, exclusive discounts and exclusive access to betas and it enhances the overall experience for fans, but it also has a chance to reach a whole new audience for people who want whole new content.'"

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Newtype2872d ago

PS+ made members of the secret order (G.A.P) feel less special....I am both though. PS+ and G.A.P.

danmachine2871d ago

PS PLUS is awesome, i joined just for the betas.

so far i've got the AC:B, Killzone 3 betas and i also got LPB2 beta on monday. and the DC universe online beta to come 'soon'.
good times :)

TroyAndAbed2871d ago

G.A.P., R.L.S., and PS+ here.

*sigh* I wish they had something for extremely dedicated fans.

Vherostar2871d ago

PS+ has been worth every penny so far :)

M-Easy2871d ago

Agreed. Very happy member here.

sway__z2871d ago

PS Plus is cool, and I like the way its not integral to playing online. It's still in its infancy, it can only get better and more essential as time goes by....I'm a member for sure.

ChristianGamer2871d ago

Tell us how many people! Typical sony evasion tactics. They said the same thing about psp go didn't they?

cereal_killa2871d ago

Why do you care are you waiting for a cheque from them.So because they are not releasing numbers on how many PSN members have converted to plus funny how M$ doesn't release how many LIVE members are actually GOLD but your not complaining about them being evasive Sony doesn't have to show you sh!t they're happy with the results and thats all that matters if you want to see numbers buy some stock and attend a stock holders meeting.

visualb2871d ago

christian gamer speaking of evasion tactics...


sway__z2871d ago

@Christian Gamer...

Do we have a doubting Thomas among us, or are you the Judas type?

For 30+ pieces of silver, you can upgrade to a Gold membership...Lol

LMAO...and I'm kiddin' because a good Christian gives to all the game co's, so you prob have a wii, 360 and PS3 haha

ChristianGamer2871d ago

Nope, no wii. My niece has one so I dunno if that counts.

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The story is too old to be commented.