Nintendo needs some magic to spur growth

Nintendo faces a tough battle to boost growth as rivals snatch the lead in motion-controlled gaming from the long-time world-beater, just as competition from smartphones and tablets batters the handheld market.

Microsoft and Sony are enticing casual and core gamers with a new generation of console accessories, while Apple's iPad is flying off the shelves.

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Shnazzyone2899d ago

Nintendo isn't that concerned. 3ds will make everything all better.

archemides5182899d ago

this is true, the DS sells way more than the wii, they probably wouldn't mind to drop the wii altogether and focus on 3DS...wii and wii hd will still bring in some tho

eagle212899d ago

If you look at the sources for all these LIES about Nintendo, it tells truth. CNET was one of them...MSNBC....get it? Fu$$ Microshi#. Fu$$ em!!!

ChickeyCantor2899d ago

I don't know who killed your family but, on what kind of a rampage are you on?

eagle212899d ago

Rampage of Justice. :)

Chuk52899d ago

You sound incredibly butthurt eagle. Aggressive when no one opposed you? You should really get those splinters out of your anus, they can get infected.

eagle212899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

I don't care about what you have to say. You will be butthurt when Nintendo kills Microsoft this month in sales as usual. :)

turok2899d ago

if none understood eagle's op then all u guys are idiots... meh most americans are anyways.

that said. Nintendo will raep this christmas.

Chuk52899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

I'm not even american. So your just arrogant. Also you spelled rape wrong, and used the word in a completely juvenile way.

turok2898d ago

least i unlike most people dont deny my bad parts. and also u obviously havent been around the intarwebs long have u newfag? raep is acceptable spelling.

so ur not american? well i guess thats all u got going for u isnt it?

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