Report: US video games market estimated at $7 billion

Joystiq: A recent report issued by Dublin-based firm Research and Markets states the value of the games industry in the US is estimated to be $7 billion and, naturally, dominated mainly by The Big Three™: Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

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MultiConsoleGamer3288d ago

You know they say Microsoft lost over 4 billion on the original Xbox. They also say that Sony lost 4.7 billion on the PS3. Those kind of losses in a market only worth 7 billion. It really puts things in perspective. Who is the real winner here? I think the answer should be obvious...

(also I think Sega lost 500 million on the DC)

Cratos87803288d ago

7 Billion is US market only. US is not the World.

MultiConsoleGamer3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

I still don't think that changes the truth of my statement.

And US is the most important market.

rezzah3288d ago

Is that because you live in the US?

Jailbroken3288d ago

"the value of the games industry in the US is estimated to be $7 billion"

And yet, the developers and publishers continue to cry poverty over used game sales.

They are taking in an obscene amount of money every year, but they still want to prohibit the selling of used games.

It is downright pathetic.

nix3288d ago

@jailbroken: and don't forget the unwanted DLC milking! that's one way they get the money straight!

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initial_kay3288d ago

how is the US the most important market... lol kinda curious to be honest...

EskiJoe3288d ago

he he was thinking of asking the same thing...

initial_kay3288d ago

disagree caused i just wanted a simple answer.. pathetic..

jetlian3288d ago

makes up over 1/3 the total market and is the smallest region

feelintheflow3288d ago

Well it is the single country that produces the most money for the videogame market. Europe is a grouping of countries with different languages. So for single country, the U.S. is the most important for video games. Just on numbers. I don't think there is a single country out their that even comes close to the sales of the U.S. is there?

ct033288d ago

Of course the US is the most important market. All of Europe does not generate as much revenue.

If you look at individual countries, it's not even close. The US is way out ahead.

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jetlian3288d ago

your also not looking at this is 1 year only!! its like 18 billion total every year

Dragon_Hiko3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Regardless of the fact that this is only talking about the usa; have you no ability to look ahead in the slightest? Even now the console manufacturers are stream lining production more consoles are being sold year over get the general idea here? Regardless of the fact that console manufacturers get a hell of a lot of their money from the selling of video games on their consoles, eventually they will begin to make money on the selling of consoles themselves! Now (excluding nintendo because they were making pure profit from the beginning) as long as Sony and Microsoft keep selling their systems for years to come, they will more than recoup their money. Look at the PS2...Still selling for a hundred bucks a pop, and those things have got to be pennies to manufacturer by now.

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Arup023288d ago

If this is only in the US, imagine in the whole world! Gaming industry is sure profitable...

ElementX3288d ago

$7 billion is huge! The US gaming market is the top market, sure you have Europe, but that's comprised of how many different countries? You really can't compare a country (US) to a continent (Europe) as far as sales go.

INehalemEXI3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

I look at the industry Mainly the big 3 valued at 7 Billion in US and then look at World of Warcraft bringing in 1.1 Billion a year.

The big 3(or at least 2 out of the 3) should each have there own 1st party MMORPG by now.

INehalemEXI3288d ago

I'm saying though if they get a MMO going to pull in enough money, it could keep them financially stable even at times when they introduce new hardware and are vulnerable to going in the red.

Each of the big 3 got ip's that would make good MMO worlds too.

ChristianGamer3288d ago

Well, 7 billion! Now we know why US IS the world