Real Xbox 360 Red Rings of Death DIY Fix Developed

IGN posts:
"Microsoft finally did the right thing when it recently extended Xbox 360 warranties to address the well publicized Red Eye of Death phenomena. As a consequence of the move however, Microsoft's repair facilities are apparently swamped and turn around times for broken consoles have leaped from two to six weeks or more. That's a long time to go without a console, but now it would appear that there are other options, and by other options we mean fixing the 360 yourself. "

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Crazyglues4059d ago

Why isn't Microsoft doing this?

Seems like an easy way to fix the console, but instead they seem to be just sending back brand new units, not that I'm complaining about that, because I was more then happy when I got the brand new unit to replace my broke xbox 360 with the three rings of death.

But since they didn't just fix my old one and send it back makes me wonder if this fix really works or maybe only works for some. Now wouldn't that suck if you opened up your xbox voiding the warranty I might add and then this didn't fix it... wow that would suck.

Stella4059d ago

Because they have suckers going out and rebuying 360s hoping to finally get a 360 that doesn't die.

There are a huge number of 360 owners already on their second model.


Because they really dont care about you 360 owners,all they care about is taking your money and selling you cheap hardware(360).

360_Rules4059d ago

I think MS is coping Sony game plan on how to sell 100 million consoles. LOL

Gamingisfornerds4058d ago

Because everyone else who sends their 360 for repairs get's a refurbished one back ("fixed" console, not necessarily your own).

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Lord Anubis4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

if, had stock I would invest on them. Make my self rich.

Crazyglues4059d ago

Why would anyone do this, when you can ship it to Microsoft for free... since they extended the warranty.

Only people who have voided the warranty by opening it would probably try this and that's not going to be a lot of people.

Better off putting your money on the stock for Nintendo: NTDOY They are going to do number for the Christmas season, and the stock is sure to go through the roof.

Right now Nintendo can do no wrong.

Lord Anubis4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

see, all those people that bought it at launch and the months after will no longer be covered by the warranty once the three years are up which is this November for them. Those who buy them now are covered for three years.

Evaluating the number of X360 sold with-in six month and the number of orders would suggest when to sell the stock.

I wont invest in Nintendo if ever until a year from now.

snoop_dizzle4059d ago

if i remember correctly.

no matter when you bought it.

Hatchetforce4059d ago

Well Crazyglues we are tired of waiting 6 weeks and getting a console back that RRODs on us in the first few minutes of turning it on. Then I had to go just over 8 weeks for the 3rd one. I still don't have my check for the first one. MS gave me a free month of LIVE. BFD assholes. I lost 14 weeks and you gave me 4. Where is the other 10?

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MK_Red4059d ago

I just got my first Red Rings Of Death today! But it was my fault, I played BioShock for more than 4 in one streak. Thankfully after a short reboot, things got back to normal but I saw with my own eyes the green rings of death go red.

Gotta rememebr this DIY fix for future situations (Hope I don't need to though).

Bathyj4059d ago

Ha, someone disagreed. Apparently you DIDN'T get RRoD.

Denial is not just a river in Eygpt.

Also, I hate to bring you down, cos you're a nice guy but once you get the rings, its probably only a matter of time before they're permanent. If it happens again and a reboot doesn't fix it send it straight in if you're under warranty. You dont want to d*ck around and have your warranty run out cos you think it might fix itself.

BTW, how old was your machine?

jackdoe4059d ago

Wow. Three people disagreed.

ironwolf4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

I played Forza for over 12 hours 3 days in a row last weekend. The last day I forgot to turn the equipment cabinet's exhaust fan on for the first 6 hrs and it got HOT in there. No problems. I just don't get it.

nobizlikesnowbiz4059d ago

But it's the ONLY gripe I've got with the 360. And I haven't even had the RRoD. I'll be honest sometimes my 360 overheats and freezes when playing Gears, but the Nyko Intercooler seems to have fixed that.

I used to regularly play Gears for 6+ hours at a time. Right now I'm hooked on the CoD4 Beta, and I've been stuck on that for easily the same amount of time.

The RRoD hasn't affected everyone. I haven't gotten it, although my system locks up from time to time. It sucks. But hey, I've got the 3-year warranty still, so no sweat.

tfur4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

"But it was my fault, I played BioShock for more than 4 in one streak."


What kind of psychology is a work that makes someone say this? It is NOT your fault for playing the game. Man, truly the 360 induced Stockholm Syndrome...

EDIT: Someone disagrees? Ok, it IS his fault for playing a game on defective hardware? The Stockholm Syndrome comment stands... please go research what this is... it is not a new concept attributable to MS products.

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jackdoe4059d ago

This kinda fix was featured in older news. Most people wouldn't void their warranty so this fix isn't exactly an option.

nobizlikesnowbiz4059d ago

Although outnumbered by blind hateboys...

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