What if Uncharted 3 Was Released Today?

GOS Writes: "Take all of these features and mix them with a tale written by Amy Hennig and you will have another masterpiece. I think Naughty Dog has something huge waiting for us and, who knows, they just might raise the bar again."

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scar202869d ago

I would take it home and make sweet love to it lol.

CharlesDCI2869d ago

You gotta take you time, make sure you do it right. lol

murcielago42869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

i would grab a gun a go postal. yes i'm that crazy for UC3.

Quagmire2869d ago

I would totally do a GTA on the streets just to get to the store.

supremacy2869d ago

Than I wouldnt be here reading this?

CharlesDCI2869d ago

Come on now, we all know that you didn't anyway, just the title lol.