12 Games That Defined Their Genres

In defining the many different genres of the videogame industry with our handy genres chart, it became clear that there were some games that changed the way that we think about games. Some of these games made so many innovations and creative leaps in gameplay that they spawned imitators to the point where a whole new category was created.

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JohnnyMann4203284d ago

I liked the nostalgic read, so I approve!

mobijoker3283d ago

This is what is called a list.A fine list in the jungle of sh*t lists.

thorstein3283d ago

It is about the games that defined the genre. Any games to follow are certainly better (sometimes). But the point is, these games got many of us into gaming.

I still think back to the Ultima days (especially Ultima IV on C64 which I couldn't stop playing) and Dragon Warrior.

BiggCMan3283d ago

The original Metal Gear on MSX should be added to this list. Otherwise a very nice read. It's a shame this won't get any attention. The front page is filled with everything regarding Call of Duty or Gran Turismo articles. I often find myself getting bored with gaming journalism nowadays.

tacosRcool3283d ago

Agreed with BiggCMan. Nobody remembers the original Metal Gear series!

thorstein3281d ago

Forget the original series. How about the ORIGINAL game. I played that for years.

And yes, BiggC, gaming journalism is really starting to suck. Reviews bash games that are quite fun, then praise games that are rubbish.

I think the only thing I need to know about a game is the features, genre, and if it works.

It appears as if Epic Mickey has been slammed but I will know this Christmas.

saoco3283d ago

there are many more games that could go on that list

RBlaze3283d ago

... they put Street Fighter on there, and not MK. I am fairly sure the argument could be made that BOTH titles helped define the fighting game genre.

I know that the original Street Fighter was released way before MK... But that game wasn't exactly big... Infact, the average person you ask wouldn't even remember that game! As far as most people are concerned (of the people I know anyway) the 'first' Street Fighter was Number 2! It causes much confusion because people don't actually know the first even exists!

So, with that in mind... Street Fighter came out in the arcades about a year before MK. Both took a different stance on the genre, but both massively important for it. Bit of a shame it wasn't included alongside SF tbh

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