Rockstar Spotted Playing L.A. Noire on PS3

An image has surfaced of an official Rockstar Games account playing L.A. Noire on the PS3.

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kenmid3291d ago

omg, Breaking News the creators of the game is playing on a PS3. LOL

Quagmire3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

So what...I saw an Insomniac dev playing Resistance 3. Maybe I should make a big announcement too. /s

Coffin873291d ago

How the hell does this stuff get approved???

irepbtown3291d ago

It kind of looks fake.

Why can't we see anything above the name?
You can with every PS3, E.G, when your on your own username, you can see whats above and below like friends.

But i could be wrong.

Red_Orange_Juice3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

interesting photo?
Could they be testing L.A. Noire on the Playstation 3? Maybe getting some screenshots ready for their "big update" that is due out soon?

Woooooow, they're playing the goddamn game, thats what they're doing, some people think devs don't play their games before the release?

and stop fapping to a photo

DORMIN3291d ago




NecrumSlavery3291d ago

What's more important than that is:

"What theme is this guy using?" Is it a dynamic Christmas theme?

Brewski0073290d ago


jadenkorri3290d ago

omg a game dev is playing a video game... to the command centre... step...step step step...ok...
evaluates picture !...!....?????
wait whats that a lvl 1 trophier, with no image...wait..
i think i got it, the question that is boggling my mind...

*********WHY DO WE CARE?**********
**********LOOKS UP****************
*********Oh thats why*************

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IllusionRSN3291d ago

Considering the game isn't even out... it is a shock. It's irrelevant what they are playing on, that's not what the story is about lol.

ShinMaster3291d ago

I don't think anyone is making a big deal that Rockstar is playing on a PS3.
They're just repeating what the title says.

But, the LA Noire thing is surprising.

xxBiG_BoSSxx3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

its interesting to me because the game appears to be playable outside of a dev kit/pc set up, which is an indicator of how far along the game could be. i am just assuming this however, so...yeah.

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Speed-Racer3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Insightful comment kenmid ... not

TreMillz3291d ago

Remember at one point L.A. Noire was a PS3 exclusive so it had to be in development for it. Unless R* pulled a BS move and switched development to the 360 then well this should be expected.

Blaze9293291d ago

who cares? Aren't developers SUPPOSED to play their games? No, they just make it and ship it right?

BiggCMan3291d ago

Infinity Ward and Treyarch do haha!

smittyjerkins3291d ago

Bubbles for you, BiggCMan.

Also, I like the CMan part of your name. Hehe, cock jokes.

BiggCMan3291d ago

It's not a cock joke funny enough. Everyone seems to think so but i've grown used to it and just ignore it. I never ment for it to be funny. It's just my nickname.

zeddy3291d ago

why wouldnt they be playing on the ps3? the game is multi plat doesnt mean the ps3 version will be the lead version. i fully expect the ps3 copy to be the inferior product.

xTHRASHx3291d ago

Jesus. Surprised Fox News didn't jump on this one.

Today on Irrelevant Info...

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scar203291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

No fair i declare shenanigans.

Is it me or does the background look the same as the guy that leaked the kz3 story?

Edit:look at the tree now look at this video.

duplissi3291d ago

so two different people cant have the same background?

ChronoJoe3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Are you stupid?

It's the only christmas dynamic theme, and it's christmas. I'm using it too... SHIT, there must be some kinda connection there too!?

It's probably fake, but not because they're using the same theme... lol

Speed-Racer3291d ago

Ah yes, can;t wait for this title

stylez843291d ago

Interesting. Looks like someone was playing LA Noire on a PS3 that maybe they shouldn't have been. I would think generally they would play an unreleased game while signed out of PSN. They'd more likely play on a special dev console so that people like us don't find these sorts of things and blow our loads all over the internet. lol

ChronoJoe3291d ago

Why, shouldn't they have been? did they just unveil this games existence? no. What useful information did we get from this article? none at all.

I don't see what the fuss is all about. lol