G4TV: Fight Night Champion Preview

Fight Night Champion promises numerous series improvements to the gameplay controls, and enough realistic boxing violence to warrant an M rating. Adam Sessler visits with Gameplay Producer Brian Hayes for an early look.

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Crazyglues3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Day One buy for me, I must first say I have been disappointed in the way the franchise has been going but I am a sucka for Fight Night...

So I will be trying this one out, I'm hoping it's good- the other reason why I will get this is because of the MMA game demo EA came out with.. if you played it, you may have noticed that the controls for punching using the analog have been seriously improved from what we had in Fight Night Round 4...

So assuming they are using the same new tech in this new Fight Night Champion then We may be in for a real treat, while I would still prefer to just be able to use buttons I will give this a chance..

I hope it's good because the graphics look amazing and I'm a huge boxing fan... so here's hoping they did this one right..