Review: Ubergridder (Spawn Kill)

Have you ever played Pac-Man and thought to yourself, “this would totally be better if it were set in space”? Well the folks at BadgerPunch Games did when setting out to create the game Ubergridder. The game asks players to take on the role of a defenseless robot on a mission to repair a spaceship and its wires while avoiding menacing monsters chasing it around a wiring grid. Is Ubergridder worth the trip out into the vacuum of space?

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rrquinta2923d ago

I never thought Pac-Man in Space... I'm not a big fan of that game, so I'll probably have to give this one a pass.

K-Tuck2922d ago

It does seem interesting, though.

tigresa2923d ago

I like the concept of Pac-Man in space actually. But not so much this game...

ShadowPraxis2923d ago

Still haven't gotten to play any of the Uprising games yet - hopefully soon...

RobsteinOne2923d ago

You should. Each of the four (three if you don't count Hypership's update) were all worth trying at the very least. And in the case of Epic Dungeon, worth buying.

fonzii2922d ago

Hmm... I dunno if I'm sold or not. Just the fact that you can't stop moving seems like it would drive me insane! I love hiding in my corners on pacman =/