Critical Warhawk Update

Dylan Jobe announces that the Warhawk servers will be down from 4:15pm PDT until 6:15pm PDT, The aim being to fix the stats issue.

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Honcho4063d ago

Thank you!!!!! It's about time.. lol This games is the most fun i have ever had!!

PS-Wii-604063d ago

But, he doesn't comment on wether or not all our stats from the last 5 days are gone for good. I'm hoping the master servers were still receiving the info and kept record of it, even though they weren't able to update them at that time.

Rockstar4063d ago

I would like to see a fix for the freezing, It doest happen terribly often but it shouldn't happen at all.

Loudninja4063d ago

I been killing in Warhawk, but no medals or stats to show for it!

resistance1004063d ago

Now this problem is fixed, this is the best console online game of this generation so far. (and im comparing it to halo3 beta aswell)

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The story is too old to be commented.