Battlefield 1943 has earned EA $16 million

We've known for quite some time that Electronic Arts' Battlefield 1943 "experiment" was successful, selling over a million units on Xbox Live alone, but now CFO Eric Brown has revealed some numbers on the game's development cost and revenue. The EA exec stated at UBS's 39th Annual Media and Communications Conference the the game cost "single-digit millions" to create and netted (after Sony and Microsoft took their cuts) a healthy $16 million for the publisher.

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Nightshadow3292d ago

EA is finally getting things right. BF:BC2 Vietnam is going to be epic.

NegativeCreepWA3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

EA doesn't deserve the credit, give it to Dice. EA is still the same company everyone hated a few years ago, Activions only took there spot at the top of the hated publisher list. EA is still right below them.

Mr Exclusive3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

I agree with this.

They only reason people are s*cking EA's schlong is because of the MW2 fisaco and Bad Company 2 being a pretty decent game.

I belive we will see a shift as EA will just keep bringing out sequel after sequel for the rest of the generation. Your've all read how they don't have time for new IP's anymore.

nnotdead3292d ago

EA Partners is why they are getting the credit.

Ducky3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

... I'm still angry at EA for diverting DICE to MoH.
That was a few painful months of BC2 without any support.

Thankfully they're back now.

Wonder what's worse, milking one franchise by rotating devs, or by making multiple franchises by the same dev.

Oh well, atleast EA has sales on the EAStore. Activision is strict with it's no-sale policy.

dkgshiz3292d ago

Would have to be the outrageous dlc that they launch. Like for Battlefield BC2 you can unlock all guns and items for $20. Same with medal of honor, well its $10 cheaper with medal of honor. Whats the point of playing?

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Rich16313292d ago

Fun $15 game that was worth the money

Yi-Long3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

... it's a shame it isn't getting any support in the form of new maps.

I'm pretty sure this is the game I have played the most this gen.

Ducky3292d ago

How much of that is from the PC preorders? *shakes angry first at EA*

Government Cheese3292d ago

I know.. I can't believe it still hasn't been released for PC yet. They insist that it hasn't been canceled though.

Bolts3292d ago

By the time this get released on the PC, no one will care.

bumnut3291d ago

i dont care about it anymore, i would have liked it on pc with an increased player count but i have already played it to death on 360 and moved on

Megaton3292d ago

Fun game, bought it on PS3 the day it came out.

phatak3292d ago

nice now please spend it on new ips and dont follow competitors and their milking business formulas

nnotdead3292d ago

why would they? people tend to buy known series. 20/25 top selling 360 games have been franchises. 19/25 for PS3, and 18/25 Wii top selling games have been franchises.

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The story is too old to be commented.