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boogeyman9992873d ago

Let us pray these games won't cost us a pretty penny.

2872d ago
DevilVergilX2872d ago

I just pray they fix jills face cuz she doesnt look like jill

RedDead2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )


Looks more or less the same , although in RE5 she looks angry, Remake shes much younger althguh I think she looksa bit dif aswell. Re3/1 etc had blocky graphhics, so the first time they can give her a proper face, it sticks

GamingForever2873d ago

I only played RE4, I enjoyed every minute of it, this game looks good!

wwm0nkey2873d ago

I can already tell Capcom is going to do amazing things with the 3DS

Overmind4202873d ago

I can't wait till the 3DS comes out!

PS3gamer4life2873d ago

RE4 is the best out of the series

Rampaged Death2873d ago

Look at that amazing lighting. I have super high hopes for the 3DS.

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The story is too old to be commented.