Coming to PlayStation Plus: More Early Holiday Presents! Hi everyone,

‘Tis the season to give… so our team is prepping a special gift for all PlayStation Plus subscribers. We already revealed our biggest PlayStation Plus publishes yet, including free downloads of games like Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse and Crash Team Racing. Along with those featured games, we also have some other surprises that will keep PlayStation Plus subscribers busy over the holiday break.

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Js2Kings3293d ago

I wonder what would happen in Borderlands if I was online when it expired.

ActionBastard3293d ago

Nothing, it's a game trial. And if you bought the full game from the trial, you keep. Free games expire.

Js2Kings3293d ago

I know but remember how the game will continue where it left off after the 60 min trail is up, what if those last seconds were in an online game

walker013293d ago


Whaaa? as soon as the 60mins are up the game will just quit no matter where you are. If youre in an online game the game will just close and if you want to play the game again youll need to buy it.

SpikeSpiegel3293d ago

When your trail ends the you are booted out of the game , so if you were online it would be the equivalent of someone randomly disconnecting from the game.

Zydake3292d ago

Whoa Whoa Whoa wait a f***ing second.

Sony is giving us Borderlands for free? or is it like the other Downloadable games like GoW,Warhawk,Lara Croft, and etc..

and if they do thats the biggest thing theyve done for us + members and the DC Universe Beta =O -faints-

MGRogue20173293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

PS+ is still not worth buying imo.. the only good thing coming is that beta for DC Universe Online..

But even then, You can just buy that game when it releases.. It almost looks as though Sony is trying really hard to assure PS+ members that they've done right in purchasing their membership by offering content regardless of quality,.. and always doing so within limits.

e.g. Most of what they offer are trials like for Borderlands, not the actual full game.. A sale for Battlefield 1943 but again, Not the full game.. so you have to pay more money even though you've already paid for this membership.. And yet they give away the full version of a not so popular $2 Minis game, no questions asked..

They should have at least given away something that actually sells well..

ActionBastard3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Screams from tha a nice ring to it.

EDIT: If your eyes were wide open, you'd see the killer discounts, free games, awesome betas and all the other goodies that come along with PS+. a nice ring to it.

ZEN Pinball
Critter Crunch
Burn Zombie Burn

Trials? Crappy? You don't know wtf you're talking about.

So you don't like demos then? You're going to buy the game anyway, right? Weak reasoning is weak. I can't keep any of the Netflix movies I stream and I'm fine with that.

How would you know, you aren't a + subscriber, and haven't played ANY of the games I listed, not even WipeOut. I guess what I'm saying is: Your opinion is shit.

MGRogue20173293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

A hater..?

Nah, I'm just somebody whose actually got their eyes wide open & has noticed when something isn't worth the price of admission..

Believe it or not, I've been watching what Sony's been offering through this service of theirs & it's always very restrictive..

Always trials & crappy Minis games.. nothing of very much quality..

EDIT: Yeah, sure.. you get to play betas, but you are going to be buying the full game in the end, more money to 'em from your pocket & & you will be helping the developers for free.. Also, all those games you get from 'em.. They're only yours as long as you keep paying. They wanna' suck you dry man & once you do, They take everything away, just like that.

Out of that list, Only WipeOut HD is of good value..

Demos or so-called Trials should be free, always.. Paying for the privilege of playing 'em is just ridiculous..

SpikeSpiegel3293d ago

The difference between demos and the game trials is that demos are just a piece of the game while you get full access to the game with the trials.

I played Red Faction thanks to the full game trial and I was able to play the entire game (single player and online) for an hour.

As far as the complaint for not keeping the free game and add ons, is that any different than Gamefly and Netflix? Those services are only available to plus members. If you are not a member why should you still have access to them? Besides if they didn't it would be far too easy for people to exploit that feature. (get a three month membership, get all the stuff, cancel and never renew)

Nitrowolf23293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )


i am sorry but most of the free PSN game, if you have a one year member ship, it's likely in a year you won't be playing that game anymore.

So i get to keep all my Avatars and dynamic themes. PS1 games are offered free, full PSn games, a discounts on certain new games.

Yup giving away all the episode of Sam and Max which has been requested by a lot of people, and ends up being a 35$ value (i think) is totally ripping me of my money.

Also getting free dlc is bad also? most at which is 5bucks over?

like i said if you have a year membership it's most likely you won't be playing these games again by the time the membership ends ( i usually delete them after 1-2 month of playing)

It's ealry access to this content, and Beta's
yeah you might buy it in a few month, but that doesn't mean that a demo will happen for it. I love th fact that i can play Killzone 3, DC universe, LBP2, and also Assassin creed (brotherhood) way before the game comes out.


wow Action Bastard got you good

room4143292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

I'm convinced at this point that PS+ haters are just straight up morons.

I got my moneys worth months ago. Even if i owned every game they offered i still would have gotten my moneys worth by now with the betas, qore, game discounts etc.

It's all gravy now. I'm absolutely thrilled with the service.

badz1493292d ago

"It almost looks as though Sony is trying really hard to assure PS+ members that they've done right in purchasing their membership by OFFERING CONTENTS regardless of quality,.. and always doing so within limits."

"Paying for the privilege of playing 'em is just ridiculous.."

oohh...I hope you hate XBL wih passion too! more so than PS+! or else, you're just some dumb hater on the internet!

how's paying $60 to enjoy a portion of games you've bought for $60 each sounds to you? a deal? stop complaining over PS+ as you're not subscribing anyway! it's an optional subscription and clearly not for everybody and if you think that it's not for you, why the hell do you care? you still can play online for free on PSN and you can buy whatever you want and ignore whatever you don't want on there with or without PS+! but with PS+ you have the privilege to have them for free of discounted - by paying $50/year. it's an option given to gamers, not mandatory like XBL! why is it so hard to understand??

nycredude3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Dude enkeixpress

Look at the list of games Action just name there. Unless you have all of those PSN pLus is a steal.

Shatter, ZenPinball and Wipeouthd are all awesome fucking games. I've heard good things about Critter Crunch but Burn Zombie Burn I don't know.

Like he said You pay for Netflix (over $100 a year) and you don't get shit for it in the but no one complains about that right! If you don't like it don't buy it. Simple really.

Question have you played Hustle King or Shatter? Plus I love Qore. You get something free from Qore also and there are a lot of info and gamplay videos in them.

ANd like many others have said in about 6 months to a years time, even if you kept subscribing chances are you will be done with those free games anyway.

Stop complaining about a freaking optional services. Say whatever you want, you may not like it but many people do, as evidence by the huge amount of people on my friends list. God forbid Sony makes SOME money for all the great games and services they work hard to provide.

ActionBastard3292d ago

Hustle Kings is fantastic. Move controls really work well.

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mandf3293d ago


No disrespect but I think that most people don't understand what Ps plus is aimed towards. I bought it because of betas and discounts. I have 18 people just on my friends list that have ps+. They bought it just for the betas.

Now it's not for everyone I agree. How ever, there is no marketing for it other than game related websites. Here is where the catch is. I have bought 176 games that are on my ps3. They are not demos, time trials, or betas. Games I have bought on the psn store. Cold hard cash. I now have discounts on all psn games and access to betas, and free stuff. There are some hardcore gamers out there that play everything under the sun.

You need to understand there are a lot of people that spend a lot of money on games. Psn+ helps with savings. We are there target audience and we are buying. It's only for a certain group of gamers. Trust me it really is a good service for certain types of gamers. It's hard to see if you aren't in that group. No disrespect just my opinion as a gamer.

Chris3993293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

You need to make your trolling a bit more stealthy. See: Omega for how to troll with subtlety.

For $50 a year I've gotten: 4 PSX classics ($5.99 each), 5 Minis ($2.50ish each), 6 full games ($9.99 and up each) and numerous dynamic themes, avatars, digital magazines (Qore) and discounts. It's not some b.s. rewards program, it actually gives me content. A tremendous amount of content. And that's not including all the content that I opt out of (which is well over 3/4). I'm a very picky consumer and if I've reaped this much content, I can only imagine how much other, less discriminating PS+ subscribers have gotten out of the program.

Couldn't be happier as a PS+ subscriber. I'm also glad that Sony finally seem to be going the full game download route. GOD service on Live (aside from some of the astronomical prices) was always a feature that I liked.

Oh and the DCUO beta invite is just icing on the cake.

Edit: As mandf said above, it's an incentive program for people who like digital content. Give us $50/ year and you get a crapload of free stuff and incentives to spend more (at a discounted rate). You need to take a closer look at what is being released enkei, you're incredibly misinformed.

Silly gameAr3293d ago

I agree wholeheartedly. PS+ has been worth the $50 for me. I always see the same people in PS+ post telling everyone how it isn't worth it.

It's purely an option that people can take or leave.

enkeiexpress has made it clear that he would rather leave every PS+ article that's posted. We get it dude.

You don't see the value, but there are people like me that do.

jukins3293d ago

lol are you serious? "the only good thing coming is the beta for DC universe online" "even then you can just buy the game when it releases" think about that why wouldnt you want the chance to test an mmo before buying? you cant trade those in at gamestop if you hate it.

"most of what they offer are trials..." really? im sure there's been way more free games then trials.

and for your last comment "they should have at least given away something that actually sells well" lol again.... really?!?!? I imagine sony thinking wow joe danger is doing really good in sales lets canibalize those sales by giving it away for free!!!!!!

in conclusion i can only assume you're a xbot, or a brokeA** cant afford ps+

RBLAZE19883292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

You know what you're never ever gonna think that psplus is worth it. You know why, because you should've dropped money early on. Then you would be enjoying mad games, free downloads, betas, game trials. But instead you look at each posting of plus content and say oh that's not worth 50 dollars. But for someone like me who put down the cash day 1. I got 3 extra months for free and already Sony has givin me at least if not more than $150+ worth of decent to really good games and free themes and avatars. And since then I have been in about 4 betas. So you just keep coming back each month and saying the same crap. I'll enjoy free stuff each month.

Oh yea you said that they should give away something that sells well. They gave away shatter a few weeks ago. That's a fantastic game and I am sure it sold really well.

Chris3993292d ago

I would never even have known about the title if it wasn't offered to me (literally). PS+ has been great for expanding my gaming palette :)

RBLAZE19883292d ago

And it has also enticed me to buy more things from the psn store because new games usually have discounts right away like dead nation, an awesome game, had 30% off from 15 bucks and other games had half off there price and I bought them.

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Shazz3293d ago

plus is gd but im kinda gutted the fallout 3 dlc expired for me yesterday , they said dlc was to keep

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