GamePro: L.A. Noire Video Preview

GamePro takes a close look at L.A. Noire and gos over story, gameplay, and how the team is using state of the art motion scan technology to create incredibly detailed graphics in the upcoming crime thriller.

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MultiConsoleGamer2875d ago

Visually it looks great, and its from Rockstar, but honestly, I don't think this game will catch on. Still, I'm hoping it will be an unexpected hit like the incredible "Red Dead Redemption."

BYE2875d ago

Who cares if this game is gonna be a hit or not, it already looks more interesting than 90% of the junk out there which is all that matters.

sway__z2875d ago

This game is going to sell millions. It will probably attract the 20+ male demographic who are old enough to appreciate the 'Noir' Hollywood era. Not implying the younger audience won't jump on it, but it's clearly aimed at the mature market.

Seems to me a lot of money went into the tech for this game, so I can see it being marketed as 'The Next Big Thing' from Rockstar.

To my knowledge, Rockstar have never released a game that didn't do the numbers for them.

Worthy of a Pre-order/Day one purchase IMO.

TOO PAWNED2875d ago

ever heard of Bully? there are more examples about games that didn't sell

sway__z2875d ago


Yeah, I purchased Bully when I was a (RIP)360 owner. Come to think of it, a lot of my friends bought it too. Granted, it was never a multi-million seller, but does a game have to be to be considered a super selling success ala COD series? No, IMO....

Ever heard of ICO, SOC, Shenmue?...there are more examples about great titles that didn't sell zillions, but still did the numbers since they were profitable enough to spawn a sequel (Bully 2 was announced 2009).

Good point though.

herukuti2874d ago

i hope there no multiplayer; and i hope its not another impossible platinum trophy like gta or rdr