GoS: Gran Turismo 5 Review

With all of the rushed reviews of GT5, reviewers have been making all sorts of false claims, jumping ship later on when they’re proven wrong. This is a credible review in which I have actually taken the time to play the game and assess it in every aspect.

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Speed-Racer3286d ago

credible review? ive never heard of this site.

jaz350z3286d ago

How does being a big-name site make you credible? In fact, I have found that, typically, it's the exact opposite.

Speed-Racer3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

Said the site owner. Nice title name change btw. Make me look like a fool.

3286d ago
Sheddi3286d ago

I think he means in that way how they bump in to u from behind and cause u to crash and other stuff like that.
Well, that was in the beginning at least.
Remember hating them for being so stupid :P
They're better now but not "perfect".
Otherwise i agree with u, bypassing them and all is easy as hell.

el zorro3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

Actually a lot of the smaller sites are essentially no more than fanboy blogs. Too many of them have very obvious bias towards one console or another.

That said, many smaller sites are also very good and some of them are better than some of the larger sites.

N4WAH3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

The only time the AI made me lose a race was in the Nascar event (Extreme event) on the Daytona track. It was on the 9th lap and I was in 1st place. I spun like a top an into a wall. I finished dead last but won the championship because I place in the top 3 on the 4 other events.

I have raced over 3000 miles and that was the only race that the AI bumped me into a wall "BUT" it was my fault. I took the corner wrong and hit the brake hard instead of heel and toeing it. Accidents like that in Nascar all the time.

I think the AI in GT5 is the best PD has put together so far. The higher up the ladder I go the better the AI plays. I have seen some AI opponents lose control (on their own) and go into walls or off the track.

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jaz350z3286d ago

I'm not the owner of the site, I simply created this review. Should I not defend my score and reasons for the score?

EmperorDalek3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

Any true gamer knows that GT5 features a few flaws but they are easy to get over for now. I do 100% agree with the review that the on-line lobby needs some work to give it some legs to ensure enough people are still playing on-line in the years to come.

I would really love some country level stats so we can compare the top drivers from one country to those of another.

Finally, I would love the addition of time trials to determine where you start on the grid.

3286d ago
Orionsangel3286d ago

Your review was awesome. You were honest and true to yourself. That's all you can ask for and those that are complaining just can't get passed the fact that anyone would find flaws in GT5. They think any critic that gives GT5 less than a perfect score is part of some conspiracy to take down Sony. It's ridiculous.

nix3286d ago

last night i had a blast online... in Nurburgring Day/Night. when the sun rises.... it looks so beautiful!

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ChronoJoe3286d ago

It's not a credible review either.

He says damage was unlocked. Whereas, it isn't.

He'd know that if he hit level 20 or 40. Sony even confirmed that what he proclaimed, isn't true:

yewles13286d ago

IGN is currently under fire for that article as more players are stating and showing otherwise...

wsoutlaw873286d ago

that article is dumb. Yes "it occurs right from the beginning" and isn't unlocked but it does get more advanced and realistic as you move on.

ChronoJoe3286d ago

Level 28.

Has yet to change, for me. lol, and I'm into my endurance races, too.

Mucudadada3286d ago

I was I was into sim racers more. But, give me Burnout any day! Still, it has been interesting to hear all of the ups and downs of this game. Makes me want to give it a go just so I can see what a person who is completely oblivious to the GT franchise has to think about it.

SnakeMustDie3286d ago

I've only played GTPSP. I wanted to get GT5 but I think i need to wait until the price drops considering im on a tight budget.

40cal3286d ago


This is not a wait because of your budget kind of game, you really should be walking out the door right now.

SnakeMustDie3286d ago

I'm not a racing junkie although with all the talk regarding GT5 spark my interest. Who knows maybe I might get GT5 as a Xmas present.

Morpheuzpr3286d ago

I say w8 and invest on a ffb wheel. Playing GT5 with a controller is plating half the game. It makes a huge difference.

CharlesDCI3286d ago

Just might have to take GT5 for a test drive.

Arup023286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

What the fuck??? This advertisement is so fucking long!

Great review, it tells the truth.

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