Nier And Kenka Bancho 4 Soared Past Expectations In Japan

Nier Replicant blew Japanese gamers away. According to a Media Create study, expectations for Nier before it was released were at 28.1, making it the lowest game on the chart. After playing the game, Nier‘s satisfaction score skyrocketed to 48.7 with many people looking forward to buying the next game in the series.

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Homicide2960d ago

Looks like some gamers were dissatisfied with Star Ocean 4 and Fist of the North Star. Not surprised as those games were terrible.

Nice to see they enjoyed NieR. The game came off as a surprise to me; it's a pretty good game.

Buffniceguy2960d ago

Kenka Bancho 4 want it so bad.

Grimhammer002960d ago

NieR was a surprise. Somehow through the music and story, I became moved.
$9.99 at GS here in Canada...a steal really.