Homefront Dev: Half-Life 2 Is the Best Shooter Ever Made

Destructoid has been chatting to Kaos Studios' Dave Votypka about the upcoming THQ-published game, Homefront. The studio has stated before that Valve's Half-Life 2 is a big inspiration for the game, and they wanted to know how deep that inspiration runs.

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aviator1893294d ago

It's so awesome when developers show their love for classics. Homefront is looking pretty great though.

UnbiasedTroll3294d ago

truely a landmark FPS title that no one can touch...

toaster3294d ago

Half Life 2? Yeah, I believe it is the best shooter ever made. It's still the pinnacle of FPS storytelling since 2004. The physics were so far ahead of it's time. The graphics were unmatched and still put 90% of console games to shame, this is excluding high-res texture mods. The gameplay was fluid and never felt like you were being rushed. The pacing is excellent, in part because of the amazing interaction with NPCs. The HL2 community is still going strong to this day, Valve updates HL2 pretty much at least twice a month, sometimes I see updates once a week. There is always something to improve and Valve is dedicated to supporting the gamer.

rezzah3294d ago

I didnt have a clue what HL2 was about back then, I heard of the name but I just didnt look it up or something...

Anyways how would you compare Halo 1 to HL2? I do know about the reputation Halo got when it came out, something about revolutionizing FPS games or something.

Serious question.

rezzah3294d ago

Um is everyone disagreeing with the fact that I never played HL2 in the past or is it because the question is too complicated for them to answer?

Its a simple question Im not bashing anything here and Im sure most know about the recognition Halo got when released. No not Halo 2 or any other Halo, but Halo 1.

I just wana know on a level how close those two are with release date iimpact.

Raf1k13294d ago

HL2 is much better than Halo 1. Halo was the game that pretty much started the FPS craze on consoles and it had some really great level design but HL2 is basically in a league of it's own because it does everything to near perfection. You could call it the Uncharted 2 of the FPS genre.

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UnbiasedTroll3294d ago

Whole game stays in first person view, no cutscenes all happens in front of your eyes. Makes you feel like your on a epic journey. Good point by the dev.

Darkfocus3294d ago

HL1,system shock 2,DOOM II and dues EX are my tops.

UnbiasedTroll3294d ago

seriously the story telling in that game and the characters...

Alyx is the best female character in entire videogame history. Soooo believable when she cried at the end..because of death [ SPoiler ] i think i nearly cried... CANT WAIT FOR EP3! GABE WHERE IS IT?!

Such a unique fps. Not like crap these days just run and gun shoot everything and generic missions.

This one had shooting puzzle solving platforming all in one.

Shackdaddy8363294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

I have probably played the compaign for HL2 like 10 times

Ep1 : 5 times
Ep2 : 7.5 times

Shackdaddy8363294d ago

How could people disagree with me? That was a fact.

You people....

NarooN3293d ago

Welcome to N4G, where most of the people are retards who disagree with any and everything, even if it's a pre-established fact.

bumnut3293d ago

@ Naroon

you got that wrong, your comment should read

"Welcome to N4G, where most of the people are retards who disagree with any and everything, even if it's a pre-established fact. Unless it is a pro ps3 comment"

TheBand1t3294d ago

I kinda liked Half-Life 1 better.

andrew1719943292d ago

it has a better story line

Half_Life_33294d ago

Half Life 2 does have multi player and Valve made it free also there's 1000 servers for it.

Information here

Most people liked Half Life 2 and don't know about the online. Using the gravity gun to throw toilets at friends is great epic fun. :D

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wwm0nkey3294d ago

I dont think anyone will beat HL2, longest FPS game I have ever played ever lol

solar3294d ago

wow.....i dont even know how to respond.....

wwm0nkey3294d ago

Compared to most FPS games this had an extremely long SP, not to sat it is the longest as there are probably other FPS games im forgetting about.

come_at_me_bro3294d ago

I think he's making a joke about Episode 3 taking forever bros.

solar3294d ago

HL2 is by far the best FPS ive played. still the best facial animation in a game to this day.

Parapraxis3294d ago

Really? this day?
Sorry bubs, I can see you are a big Valve fan, I am as well, but clearly your love is clouding your judgment...that or you haven't played a lot of recent games.

GOW 3 and Heavy Rain easily top HL2's animations. For it's time HL2 facial animation was tops, but that time has long since passed.

IaMs123294d ago

Eh id take GoW 3 off there, dont get me wrong great graphics and animations but the facial animations in HL2 were better, i say FACIAL

OpenGL3294d ago

Uncharted 2 is probably the best for facial animations, but for a 6 year old game Half-Life 2's are damn impressive.

RememberThe3573294d ago

Heavenly Sword had fantastic facial animations as well.

Shackdaddy8363294d ago

They also make it so the person talking to you actually looks at you. Games today still seem to not be able to figure this out(CoD). It bugs the crapola outta me

PeeWizzle3294d ago

Half-Life 2 is the pinnacle.

Rich16313294d ago

Valve is so awesome (Half-Life, Portal, Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress, Counterstrike). COME ON! That is like the craziest resume EVER!

LightofDarkness3294d ago

Technically, TF, CS and Portal were developed by modders and other studios whom Valve then bought out. Heck, TF has been around since Quake.

rugis3294d ago

They didn't technically buy them out, they hired them. And TF was originally a mod for Quakeworld.

solar3293d ago

Portal was a flash game about a Princess with no knees that used portals to get around. what we see with Portal was written by Valve. Valve hired that group of college students and some have gone onto other great opportunities in the industry. great deal if you ask me.