Raptr giving away free year subscription to World of Warcraft for liking its FaceBook

With World of Warcraft: Catacylsm finally here, millions of World of Warcraft players are scramming to reactivate their subscriptions to try out this new world. But hold on, these subscriptions aren't free. Blizzard charges $14.99 for a month to month basis, $41.97 for a three month commitment, or $77.94 for six months. And depending on where you live, you'll be charged a tax for the subscription. So what's the best solution to play without hurting your pockets? Enter Raptr's free one year subscription to World of Warcraft giveaway. All you have to do is "Like" their Facebook page.

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kamehamehaftw2870d ago

I could use a free year of Wow. It'd be a nice present for xmas :P.

domo3252870d ago

Pretty neat contest. After seeing the WoW freakout article (check it out if you haven't seen it already), I'm kinda hesitant in entering.. lmao.