Bulletstorm: Bleszinski promises solid PS3 performance

Epic's predominant work on Xbox may leave you concerned, as seems to be a trend this generation, that the PS3 version of Epic's latest, Bulletstorm, will be a cast-away port. Not so, promises Epic bog man Cliff Blezsinski.

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Shanks3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

I'll belive it when I see it.

Quagmire3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

We've heard this SO many times before, but no one actually delivers. They either say PS3 will be up to 360, or better. They say performance will be better, graphically equal, but then in comparison videos/screenshots, they end up being of lesser quality than 360.

Rich16313288d ago

You do realize Epic did Unreal Tournament III for the PS3, right? It was just as good as the other versions, was one of the first games to ship with rumble support, it is the only console version that contains the mod support, mouse/keyboard support, and the Titan expansion pack. Just because Gears of War is exclusive doesn't mean they are against the PS3 or morons when it comes to development. Plus they want to keep selling the Unreal engine license, so they aren't going to put out a version of the game that runs weak.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3288d ago

Yeah right that's what they all say. I'm done with multiplats and will never buy new again, it'll mostly be preowned if I even decided to pick it up. You can thank Treyarch, 2K and the rest for that.

PS3 devs get priority! I'm not paying top dollar for second rate shit.

AndrewRyan3288d ago

He said "Solid" not "Same as xbox 360".

Sorry PS3 owners :(

PC for me, looking like a very beautiful game, and when I say beautiful I am saying I am very impressed by all the colors.

Blaster_Master3288d ago

Did Mr. Bleszinski really help with Unreal 3? Man that game was crap online. It had tons of potential though. Don't get me wrong, I really want him to be right. I just hope its not a hoax and he does what every third publisher has done to us this gen. Skimp our version of the game. This gen has changed alot, I miss the good ol days when devs were really passionate about the product no matter what platform it was on.

visualb3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

I'm sure it'll be fine, there are as many "broken" PS3 experiences as there are "fantastic"

most experiences are either slightly lesser or equal to the 360's. people always remember the bad and forget the good.

@ Andrew Ryan

don't be sorry Andrew Ryan,
PS3 owners will enjoy the game equally to any other platform, even PC,
because enjoyment is subjective,
and you don't know what you're missing out unless you, say, play the PC version first and PS3 version after, which will be a rare case.

So to expect that PS3 owners will be cursing and crying over some missing pixels or some other details is silly. Sure if the game is BROKEN then it won't be fine, but most multiplats aren't, so please, don't be sorry.

AndrewRyan3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )


Lot's of people complain however. I have a PS3 myself and whenever there is a multiplat game I usually always go for PC or the next platform that is superior. Is it not in your best interest to spend your money according to the quality of the item being bought? I do believe so. I love my PS3 for the exclusives but some of the multiplatform games are sort of a let down, not saying they are bad and sometimes the differences are not noticeable, but I mean to say that when they are I definitely will not buy the game.

If you want to buy lesser games go ahead, it only shows the developer that you don't care if you get the "leftovers" so to speak. You could either go complain and call the developer (Which I am sure they are not going to care) or you can not buy the game and maybe they will finally say "Hey Bill, we really are not selling that much copies on the PS3. I think it is because we didn't make a good port... Maybe we should work harder next time!?", "Gee wiz Dylan! That sounds like a superb idea!"

Ju3288d ago

Nothing to do with "Vanquish" but everything to do with UE3. Bulletstorm is not done by Epic themselves, though, but hopefully they brushed UE3 up for PS3 (where is the AA god damn?). That thing doesn't do much PS3 special magic - there should be room for MLAA.

3288d ago
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deadreckoning6663288d ago

Funny this pops up now. There were just showing a preview of the game on X-Play. The multiplayer looks sick. Very unique.

Vherostar3288d ago

If they used all of PS3 power like it said in the article the 360 version would get the raw end of the stick I mean sure 360 gamers can disagree with me but we all know the PS3 can put out more if pushed enough games like Uncharted 2 proved this. So I don't believe this one bit. PS3 gamers will get a crappy port and then the 360 fanboys will just try give ps3 gamers and fanboys grief well guess what? We are here before the storm saying we don't care as we expect it.

Neckbear3288d ago

You know that Uncharted 2 is basically smoke and mirrors to hell and back, right?

It DOES take advantage of most of the PS3, however, the PS3 isn't a supah-megah-awesumzxDDD lolgraphix machine.

In raw power, the PS3 lacks in memory and is just as limited as other consoles are.

Honestly, I thought we all knew this by now.

Not only that, but the main purpose of a multiplatform title is to basically make both versions EQUAL.

Also, an exclusive developer usually gets more time to use a certain coding for a game, which means the focus is on said console and will take full advantage of it, unlike a multiplatform title that needs to have all platforms in mind.

...I don't even know why I'm explaining this, it should be common sense.

3288d ago
baodeus3288d ago

So what does UC2 have that is different from other games?

So how about emphasize on it further so people can understand the technical marvel of UC2 right?

Like for example what graphic engine did they used for the games to help clarifying how UC2 is different/above and beyond any other console games out there?

badz1493288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

"...I don't even know why I'm explaining this, it should be common sense." - I'm a bit confused as well because you're clearly not the one to explain this! you don't now shit of what you're talking about!

you mentioned about raw power, then you said lacks of memory!

you mentioned about smoke and mirrors, I clearly can see you don't know the meaning of that term.

and then you said "Also, an exclusive developer usually gets more time to use a certain coding for a game,..." - Uncharted 2 took just a mere 18 months to be made.

dude, seriously, just shut up!

baodeus3288d ago

So i get disagree for asking people to clarify their claim? Quite funny, how do you disagree w/ a question?

Question need answers right?

LOL. You guys are quite funny.

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DigitalAnalog3288d ago

Understandable as long as they don't make one "sub-hd" with poor textures compared to the 360 version, then they have delivered. Hopefully they end up like Batman: AA's multiplat quality standards on UE3.

-End of Line

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MGRogue20173288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

... But will it be on-par with the Xbox 360 version?

In terms of frame-rate & visual quality..

That remains to be seen.

suicidalblues3288d ago

If it is Xbots will swear they got a gimped version.

MrBeatdown3288d ago

Considering that Epic made Unreal Tournament III for PS3 which ran great, went above and beyond in order to take advantage of every little thing they could support on PS3 from trophies to mods to free DLC, and make the engine that powers hundreds of games, I'd say they know what they are talking about moreso than forum posters whose only expertise is screenshot comparisons that highlight differences that otherwise wouldn't be noticed by 99% of people.

DORMIN3288d ago


Hope they do take advantage of everything.

Ninjamonkey823288d ago

Not getting it onless its on pc


People can fly will not abandon the PC.

SilverSlug3288d ago

Repost.... from the Playstation Blog.


PimpHandHappy3288d ago

lets get Gears working on XBL first buddy

IHateYouFanboys3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

clearly you havent played Gears 2 online since Title Update 6 like 6+ months ago.

Gears 2 works brilliantly online now - client side hit detection on more guns, region filters, and better matchmaking.

what i find funny about this article/game is that people still for some reason seem to think that Epic Games are making Bulletstorm - theyre not! Bulletstorm is made by People Can Fly, with Epic just kinda there to help them with the engine (since its made using UE3) and promoting/hyping.

it must suck to be an employee at People Can Fly, knowing they could release the best game of the year and people will give Epic the credit for it.

i cant wait for Bulletstorm, it looks fantastic. easily my most awaited FPS along with Bioshock Infinite.

tmoss7263288d ago

Yeah Epic owns them and probably helps minimally. Epic is mainly focused on Gears 3 obviously. And Gears Kinect?