Top 5 Best PS3 Games for Christmas 2010

What could be better at Christmas than playing a good, long and entertaining game?
This holiday is perfect to spend with your family in-doors, and with all that free time you'll surely want to play together in your comfortable living room. Here you have the top 5 best PS3 games for Christmas 2010!

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_DragonSlayer_2868d ago

Great List...but value wise, you can get Little Big Planet, Killzone 2, and GOW Coll for 29 bucks if money is a little tight....

TheLastGuardian2868d ago

I play alot of games and If I could recommend 1 game that everyone should own, it's The Sly Collection.

256bit2868d ago

I also recommend 1 game that everyone should own, it's Valkyria Chronicles.

TheLastGuardian2868d ago

Whoops, I didn't mean out of all games. Just out of the games that recently came out. I recommend everyone to pick up The Sly Collection for Christmas. Valkyria Chronicles is on my long list of games I need to play.

utendoof2868d ago

Just my opinion but I think BFBC2 + Vietnam would be a better Christmas gift.

guitar_nerd_232868d ago

good list

i disagree about not having to be skilled for sports champions tho, im STILL stuck on the last guy of gold on table tennis goddamn you kenji!

i think its a very deep game

solackx2868d ago

It would be big Gift for Game fans and specially child.Is there also Straight Fighter Game include.

Bolts2868d ago

That is a very slim list. I thought there would be more.

TheLastGuardian2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

lol wut? You thought there would be more than 5 games when the title of the article is top 5 best games for christmas 2010?

Bolts2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Let me clarify. Other than GT5 I don't think the other games like Black Ops and the Move bundle should be in the top 5. Fallout Vegas is also buggy as hell with the disadvantage of being the worst version. It doesn't have the PC's mods and the DLC will be a timed 360 exclusive. Black Ops on the I need to go there? The Move is nice but outside of Sports Champ there's nothing.

I thought there would be better PS3 games on that list by now. But the problem is I can't think of any. Maybe Dragon Age Ultimate should be in there somewhere. Its a pretty good RPG with all DLCs packed in. A decent deal IMHO.

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