Killzone 3 Beta Feedback: “Enough To Make 6 Killzone Games”

With so many gameplay improvements from fans, Guerrilla Games has mentioned that the game is already in a much better state from what beta testers are currently experiencing.

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VersusEM3286d ago

Well everyone out there who gave feedback should give themselves a pat on the back, you made Killzone 3 even better.

rezzah3286d ago

The disagreer is sad that he or she cant play Killzone 3 =(

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xTruthx3286d ago

I think i left 2 much feedback when i was playing it lol. Don't if I can still play it online, haven't tried in like a week. Was raked 15, dk wut rank I'm now tho


I was in the Beta and other than matchmaking and spawn camping (which they sorta fixed with turrets in spawn points) This game was PERFECT! and I was even ok with the lack of weapons... Looks like they will be adding some more.... which will make this the best fps of all time! Sorry Uncharted You must now share the throne GG!

jdktech20103286d ago

How different is it from Killzone 2 and how different do you think it will be with changes? I bought Killzone 2 and played 3-4 hours and it's just not that amazing to me. As of now, KZ3 went from day 1 to a wait and see approach.

I wanted to aim down the sights in KZ2 but the controls are so "sloppy" (compared to COD and BC2 controls) and it just turned into a hipfire fest and I've already got a game that does that way better in Halo (imo) so I'm just wondering what KZ3 plays like so far

TheFreak3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

They have removed the lag in the controls, the controls are now more like cod bfbc controls


the online controls in KZ2 are faster than when you play the campaign.
though the controls are a little slow compared to CoD and BC2 it's just another control system you have to get used to. I've wasted plenty of hours on KZ2 online. It's a blast :D

deadreckoning6663286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

KZ3 plays great, it feels more accessible and it has less aim lag than KZ2 just as the devs promised. Although, I like the controls, you are right in that there are PLENTY of shooters out there that have a better "feel" to the aiming...such as Bad Company 2 which uve mentioned.

In BC2, the aiming is pitch-perfect IMO. Its a middle ground between KZ2 and COD.

"If you think BC2 is a twitch fest, you haven't played it or have seriously different tastes than I do. This is a game so I'm looking for fun controls and not realistic ones (but not too arcady like COD can be at times). I really like where BC2 is at control and recoil wise and I would be playing it a lot if I hadn't bought too many games this fall (gotta make time for em all)"

I agree, BC2's shooting mechanics are the best I've seen this generation. Its fun and challenging at the same time.

rezzah3286d ago

i never realized that simple looking down the barrel of a sniper gun can increase your accuracy by 90%.

Thats the true difference between KZ and the shooter you mentioned. Simply looking down the barrel of any gun does not increase accuracy because that is not reality.

That is why KZ is better than what you think is better, because its not a twitch fest.

jdktech20103286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

Thanks for the replies people....I was playing online btw Hinderization.....and I wasn't bad with a k/d of nearly 1.8 but it just wasn't fun. I loved the fact that the gametypes switched constantly....just throws a few wrinkles into the experience and I was in the zone so to say the first hour but after that it just kinda got meh.....and I went back to playing whatever

It's not that I hate Killzone or anything but if I can play Reach, BO and BC2 and maybe WoW or something else instead of putting 60 bucks down on a game I might not like, it's worth looking into.

The controls were the big thing so we'll see what happens. It's also strange playing a game (minus Halo) that doesn't pop up numbers when you kill shallow as it might be, it feels way better to have confirmation you've killed someone instead of just a beep when anyone dies.

@rezzah - If you think BC2 is a twitch fest, you haven't played it or have seriously different tastes than I do. This is a game so I'm looking for fun controls and not realistic ones (but not too arcady like COD can be at times). I really like where BC2 is at control and recoil wise and I would be playing it a lot if I hadn't bought too many games this fall (gotta make time for em all)

WhittO3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

@jdktech2010 I totally agree.

I really liked K2 SP and the MP for the most part, but one of the main problems I had with it (and a number of people I talk to) say the controls felt so slow and laggy, most games I played in MP turned into spawn point grenade fests lol.

Although the controls are probably more real than the "ultra-fast" aiming in cod, it is still a game and even after the update I still felt there was too much lag in aiming, and in the other controls in general tbh, like jumping there is almost 1-2 second delay before your character jumps!

Also, the menus could be really laggy and slow too, loading maps could take 40+ seconds and some games would last 30 minutes (which is just TOO long for a single FPS match), especially when stuck with a crap team knowing it will take about 5 min to go from leaving this game and to be playing in another match with all of the loading etc, so you end up waiting it out (which is no fun..).

I will still be getting the game anyway, especially since this has been improved. I just hope they learned from some mistakes from K2.

rezzah3286d ago

I will agree with you on some level of truth for BC2. But like you said, it is like between KZ and COD in terms of gameplay. There for i would agree it is not exactly like COD but similar to it more so than KZ in any way.

What makes KZ special from other FPS is that it has that heavy feel to it.

So in the end I guess its down to personal differences. I rather the KZ feel as the BC2 feel for you.

Dark-Cloud43286d ago

you don't like it because you suck , everyone who don't know how to play it will hate it , i saw alots of people like you , even my friends hate it because they don't know how to play and they admit it after i played with them a match and they really really really suuuuuuuuuucks ... this is the right answer for you

i know the gameplay is heavy but when you understand how the gameplay is you will like it because you will know how to play it ...

jdktech20103285d ago

So, dark cloud missed the point about me having a 1.8 K/D ratio through 3-4 hours.....someone needs reading comprehension (and apparently writing) skills

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phatak3286d ago

just for the record uncharted is not an fps

BannedForNineYears3286d ago

Nothing but good news when it comes to Killzone 3.....
Such a beast.

(BTW W00t no moar finals)

HINDERIZATION3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

i still have to write my term paper for ENC1102 D:

cochise3133286d ago

you're lucky, i have three more finals this week ugh.

PshycoNinja3286d ago

Ya I just got done with my finals. I just have a psych final next week and I'm good.

Then next term its 2D programming and software debugging/testing woot!

bananasNmonkeys3286d ago

C'mon Guerilla do yourself and everyone else a favour and remove the weightiness COMPLETELY.

rezzah3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

Go play black ops if you cant handle variety.


A variety is the differences in something whether is be similar or completly different. In this case it can be similar or different based on the veiw of the person.

Similar - when comparing 2 or more FPS. The control are similar because of the gameplay style. Which is controlling a body and shooting with a veiw from the eyes of the person you play.

Different - Comparing a FPS to an RPG. There is no similarities in controls as the gameplay styles are different. However that can be some exceptions such as a Stealth game like MGS4, where it implemented a FPS gameplay option.

And incase you needed to know, I said Black ops because it, like the majority of FPS out there, is a twitch fest. And no thats not my opinion, because the game simply does not add realism at all except for some possibilities within the story mode. So basically if you like to twitch in war, dont complain about one game that doesnt, and go play something mroe to your likeing.

bananasNmonkeys3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

How are controls linked to variety?

soundslike3286d ago

how are bananas related to monkeys???????????????????

bananasNmonkeys3286d ago

How is soundsl related to ike? :)

Cevapi883286d ago


holy sh!t that made me laugh too just made my night man....bubbles to you LOL

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Shadowolf3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

If Guerrilla did that then it just wouldn't be KILLZONE. I don't know if you've played the beta but the controls are a leap above KILLZONE 2. I'm certainly a fan of the COD series but I'm of the opinion that it is more satisfying and takes more skill to kill your multiplayer enemy in the KILLZONE universe then the quick and frantic pacing kills of the COD series.

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