Huge PlayStation Home Update: Midway 2, MAGIC: The Gathering, Ameratsu & Winter Wonderland & More!!!

This Thursday, December 9th we pull back the curtains on the Midway 2 game space. An annex to the Midway complex, Midway 2 introduces ten brand-spankin’ new games and 100 new prizes (plus a grand prize for winning all ten levels of all 20 games in both Midway 1 and 2).

Available this week from the LOOT store in the PlayStation Home Mall, the Ameratsu Yacht personal space is a full-on luxury party vessel that allows you to cruise the high seas while watching select videos with your friends.

epic event scheduled for this Friday, December 10th. Members of the creative team behind the hit Adult Swim show Robot Chicken will be in the Gamer’s Lounge between the hours of 3:00pm and 5:00pm PST (5:00pm and 7:00pm EST) playing games of Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planewalkers with the PlayStation Home community.

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sinncross3294d ago

I was hoping 'Ameratsu' was a mispelling for 'Amaterasu' from Okami :/

but big update indeed

Godmars2903294d ago

As cool, if not dare I say incredible, the new yacht space is, its bad form that you have to buy other stuff which is of not interest to some (me) to unlock extra stuff.

Newtype3294d ago

There's a lot of random stuff happening in Home right now..lots more people use it now. When I just got in, some random person tried to invite me into a group.

YourFlyness3294d ago

I like all the support its getting, cant wait till you can invite people into your homespace and watch movies from your HDD

blumatt3294d ago

I also dream of that day. haha But I have a feeling there would be some serious lockdown of what you could watch. YOu would most likely be restricted to renting movies from the PS Store and watching them together or maybe watching movies you had ON your harddrive but only ones you had bought from the PS Movie Store. It won't be as simple as watch some Divx bootleg video that's stored on your PS3, as there will most likely be Sony people watching what everyone's watching and making sure people weren't viewing pirated content.

Pain3294d ago

I sure hope it good eating.

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