Details on the latest Madden 08 roster update

A complete list of every change made with the Madden 08 roster update that was released this morning. This update includes the removal of Michael Vick from the game.

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mikeslemonade4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Wow im impressed. I've been reluctant to play Madden for the past week, but that's going to change because of this update. I like how Jason David who got burned with 3 tds last night already gets 3 pts down from 80 overall to 77 overall.

Schmitty074061d ago

If EA can update the rosters like this, why do they need to make a new game every year? Oh yeah, money

Tabasco4061d ago

Is this update automatic to the game, or can i decide to not download this so can still play with mike?

Numark4061d ago

the only way to get it is to go into an online lobby and download it. The nyou save it

ATLRoAcH4060d ago

The roster update is for online play.Online=no Vick,Offline=Vick still there.