The best bits of Call of Duty Black ops Multiplayer

E4G writes: You may have seen my article yesterday (You can find the link at the bottom), which was about the disappointing parts of the Call of Duty Black ops multiplayer, but now it’s time to write my favourite parts. So here goes...

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Arup022873d ago

I swear that i read tits instead of bits.

Akagi2873d ago

Best bits? Didn't know there was any. In between getting noobtubed, you're getting tomahawk'd across the map. CoD 2/MW 1 are the best CoDs.

vickers5002873d ago

Yeah, because getting tomahawk'd across the map happens all the time.


curtis3942873d ago

i actually laughed out loud at this :D + bubbled

SJPFTW2873d ago

LOL i never have been tomahawked across the map yet. Neither have i got a throwing knife from across the map in MW2. And in fact noobtubing is less effective in Black Ops then it is in any other call of duty. Modern Warfare 1? seriously? you liked getting killed by martyrdom?

CovertGunman2873d ago

You've gotta admit though, there are the people out there who would reply saying something like: BLACK OPS IS THE BEST GAME EVER EVER EVER!!1!

Dave13512873d ago

wtf? the kill streaks in this game suck. the only good one is chopper gunner.