Amazon Slashes Price of EA’s Biggest Games For One Day Only

With Black Friday having come and gone, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the best gaming deals have already happened, well, think again, Amazon is running another promotion, that will make your Christmas shopping so much easier. The world’s largest online retailer has cut the price of Electronic Arts’ latest and biggest games for today only.

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Sev2968d ago

Oh snap. Those are some great deals.

doctorstrange2968d ago

Man, NFS and MOH just came out, I dont know how Amazon makes a profit

Sev2968d ago

Yeah really. Makes you wonder if the $60 price tag is really necessary.

Taggart4512968d ago

Ultimate Dragon Age for $37?


Saryk2968d ago

Got Ultimate Dragon age for $25.00 (sale) on Impulse and Need For Speed HS for $39.99 (coupon).

Those are not that great of a deal for PC.

doctorstrange2968d ago

For $39.99, with a coupon? Well, its $34.99 without the need to use up a coupon