Why You’re Not Finishing Games

If you’ve been gaming for any significant amount of time, you probably have one. It may sit next to your TV or on a nearby shelf staring you in the face, begging you to take notice of its presence, or it might lie in a box in the basement or under your bed, far out of sight. Regardless of whether or not you choose to deny it’s existence by keeping it out of your line of vision, the Stack of Unfinished Games is very real.

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darthv723290d ago

and it is something few people have anymore these days. Need a hint. It starts with a T and ends with an E and 'IM' all out.

TheLastGuardian3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Yes, even if you live in you sponge off someone else and don't have to do anything all day but play games, there are still way too many great games to play to finish them all especially if they aren't as fun as some other games you play.

I have plenty of games I haven't started or finished but mostly from past generations. It's easy to finish this gens games since they hold your hand so much. It's not so easy to commit to older games anymore because the graphics and controls are dated and you don't get trophies/achievments for them.

FarEastOrient3290d ago

I still haven't completed Red Dead for 100% let alone, Fable III, Civlization V, and now Cataclysm. Some games are insane for a time sink (a good thing) while nice and short are Unleashed II and plenty of downloadable games.

Einstein, did you leave secret blueprints for a time machine.

Ducky3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Well, going close to the speed of light causes time to slow down... So, start running really really fast.

May the force be with you.

TheLastGuardian3290d ago

I wish there was some way to play multiple games at once. Sometimes It's hard to decide which game to play and when I'm playing one game I'll be thinking about playing another game.

xxBiG_BoSSxx3290d ago

i finish every game i play. I don't understand how someone can have a pile of unfinished games in their possession. i buy a game, i finish the game, then buy another. and what i'm going to say next is not going to go over well, but,
after browsing some of the comment history i suggest some of you stop spending 4-5 hours online/on n4g and go play some games.

jessupj3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

I'm right there with you. I can't actually comprehend how people can spend that much on a game and never finish it.

I generally plat all games I play. There's only 2 reasons I don't plat games. Either it's extremely boring and has broken gameplay OR the trophies are to hard I'm unable to attain them. (These are usually the stupid bloody online trophies we all know and hate).

But in any case EVERY single game I play I ALWAYS at least finish the game to the end of the single player campaign. I just can't comprehend people not doing this, especially when they've bought it for full price.

As far as I'm concerned if you're not at least finishing the single player portion you're in the wrong hobby. (Unless you just love the multiplayer) Just give your console to someone that will actually use it.

TheLastGuardian3290d ago

@Big Boss I can't help it. I try to do my homework on my computer buy I usually spend way more time on N4G than I do getting homework done. It sucks, I want to play some games.

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Ducky3290d ago
Timmy? Well, wells have been leaving me strapped for timmy too.

Though, I coulda sworn I saw IGN post a similar article.
You know, before making the GT5 review, that is.

bakagaijin783290d ago

You said it all. I wish I could play more, but I have a husband, daughter and job to think about. Life is the ultimate time-management game. :)

Shackdaddy8363290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Is it sad that it took me like 5 minutes to figure out you were saying "time"?

Anyways, I usually always finish games cus I have this thing where I have to beat the campaign before I do anything else.

Jaces3290d ago

There are just to many good games being constantly released one after another. I'm not too picky when it comes to games so I generally pick up 2 or 3 games a month (all worth buying mind you, I don't buy any stinkers).

Trophies/Achievements are also a burden this gen, making me play one game longer than I normally would after beating if the first time. I believe I have about 8 games I want to but have yet to play, 3 of those are sitting on my shelf right now.

I remember the good ol' days when I was anticipating the next best game to come out, now I'm so flooded with amazing titles that I hardly have any time for them.

Newtype3290d ago

I've gotten to busy, it's my last quarter at college. Can't seem to finish majority of my game. I've bought like 8, beat only 2.

ThanatosDMC3290d ago

New Vegas alone requires a lot of time to finish for me and i've spent almost 150hrs on a save file. I blame it on new games and cheap friends who asks me to play old multiplayer games.

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cochise3133290d ago

I have so many unfinished games it's not even funny. I have way too much going on to beat the. The last game i beat was ME2.

Cajun Chicken3290d ago

Whoa. I am totally guilty of this but do finish most of my games. Different moods, different game. Plus I occasionally want to play a classic sometimes.

Eu3290d ago

Actually, I have around 3 for the PS2 and 15 for the PSone here that I didnt finish....all of them RPGs....

Back with the PSone I did have lots of games...around 60 actually....and since I was a kid, I had lots of time then...and before anyone asks, my grades were very good ones, from B- to A and such.

With the PS2, I was already working part time + University, so I didnt have that much time...and still manage to play 100+ hours in some of my games...hehehe (FFX is around 120+ hours) my 3 games that I didnt finish where all .Hack RPGs and I lost interest in them fast...3 in 40 is a good number in my opinion.

With the PS3....I did finish all of my current games (minus GT5...still lots of hours in this one...hehehe). 35 games and couting...but I do have way less time than with previous generations...and since Im not that into MP, I enjoy SP better than the other one around.

Anyway, the older we get, less time we get to spend in our hobbies...But I do pretend to be playing for the rest of my life if I can manag.

nevin13290d ago

for me its just today's games arent as good as previous gens.

crzyjackbauer3289d ago

I got Asassin’s creed 2 since may
Haven’t touched it in weeks
Just looking at the box bores me

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