Tomb Raider Reboot Inspired By Uncharted?

NextGN writes: "When Uncharted: Drake’s fortune launched it was ridiculed for being a Tomb Raider knock-off despite actually having very little in common with the actual game except for the protagonists being a charismatic adventurer treasure hunters. The same logic could have been used to argue that Lara Croft is Indiana Jones with tits."

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PeeWizzle4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

It better not be too much like Uncharted. Fighting the same human enemies over and over again gets old (those dudes dressed as yetis weren't fun to fight at all.)

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SodoBot4061d ago

Nostaljerk?! EPIC WIN! Great video!

Kitchen_Sink4061d ago

Nostaljerk. I smell a new internet meme coming from this. By the way Mr. Eskimo. You are quickly becoming one of my favorite faces of gaming. First with the KZ3 leak and then with this epic vid. Keep it up, bro.


Tomb Raider and Uncharted are two completely different type of games.

BrownRanger4061d ago

True. Yet when Uncharted came out everyone called it a Tomb Raider rip off. Like Eskimo said, they are all ripping Indiana Jones off. LOL.

Nate-Dog4061d ago

I'm getting really sick of almost every game nowadays being compared to Uncharted. I know there are similarities between these two, but there weren't between RDR and UC2, and there weren't between Batman:AA and UC2, and there weren't between Call of Duty and UC2 and... Can we just look at the game itself now?
TR has been around for more than long enough and been through enough surely to not need comparison to Uncharted or any other sort of similar game / movie or anything now.

FiLTHY ESKiMO4061d ago

Just like Gears of War and Uncharted are two completely different games - but people still say that Uncharted is a GeoW rip off. That would mean that Tomb Raider and Gears of War are the same kind of game. Uncharted seems to rip everything off. :)

Cajun Chicken4061d ago

Uncharted improves everything that Gears of War debuted, tenfold. Right from Drake's Fortune.

kaveti66164061d ago

Everything? Tenfold? Does Uncharted have ten times the gore? Ten times the chainsaws? No.

seij5554061d ago

You guys are both wrong, ever hear of RE4?

Imalwaysright4061d ago

The 1st 3 Prince of Persia games are much more similar in terms of gameplay to TR than Uncharted is.

@ Brownranger It were the 360 fanboys that said that Uncharted was a TR rip off and PS3 fanboys denied it. Now the very same PS3 fanboys that said that Uncharted wasnt a TR rip off are saying that Uncharted "killed" TR. The irony... no wait its not irony its just stupid fanboy "logic"

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theafroman4061d ago

more like it had to reinvent itself cause of uncharted

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