IGN: Infinity Blade Review

Successful iPhone games must offer quick, satisfying gameplay and an addictive quality to keep you coming back. Infinity Blade masters both, with short combat segments and a satisfying loop of self-improvement and challenge. Some might find the grind uninteresting, but IGN loved every second of Infinity Blade. Though the combat is interesting, leveling up their character is what ended up hooking them. Infinity Blade delivers one of the coolest experiences on iPhone and is a sure contender as one of the best mobile games ever made.

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Slient Knight 94441d ago

This is the type of game, ideal for PS Move

sinncross4441d ago

I would love this to be a PS Minis title thats for sure

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rrw4441d ago

Or PSP2 Touchpad on the back

Lord_Doggington4440d ago (Edited 4440d ago )

how does it continue the cycle after you kill the god king? does your character become the god king and the previous god king's son seeks revenge? and you play as him?

likedamaster4440d ago

An answer to your question would be spoiling it, no?

Lord_Doggington4440d ago

spoil it, i'm not getting an ifone lol

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Rampaged Death4441d ago

I need to upgrade my current model for sure. I hate Apple for releasing so many stuff in so little time.

DORMIN4441d ago

Gonna get this when it comes out!

JohnApocalypse4441d ago

Dam, that looks better then any PSP or Wii game

nikola9874440d ago

This game does not have any shadows :/ think again..

GuruStarr784440d ago

Anyone know if this coming to android? If not, I'll have 2 steal my girl's ipod touch.

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