TGV Review: Crazy Taxi (XBLA/PSN)

Crazy Taxi is SEGA’s latest in the awesome trend of bringing classic, old school titles enjoyed many years ago to gamers and giving them a modern control scheme with touched-up visuals.

Is launching headfirst into the revamped Crazy Taxi worth your $10?

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Herminator3291d ago

I only played it once or twice in the arcade, so I don't think the nostalgia factor is enough for me to enjoy this.

Sidology3291d ago

Personally, I thought I would have less fun playing it now than I did years ago. I was surprised to find that I enjoyed it just as much!

borisfett3291d ago

Game hasn't aged well at all, in my opinion.

MinionStarwind3291d ago

<3's me some Crazy Taxi. Shame they didn't put in the original music or give it an HD upgrade or anything like that. But still one of ym favorite timekillers, personally.